Piano Keys to Music Studio: A Pathway to Creative Potential

Valerie Thomas

While so many are spending so much time at home, Piano Keys to Music Studio owner/instructor Valerie Thomas invites Valley residents to “Emerge from these times with music at your fingertips.” The versatile music program offers online and in-house (when safe to do so) private lessons in the North Valley.

Thomas continues, “As you open your way back into life, you will have learned to play piano. I offer a pathway to the piano and your potential. Everything is customized to fit student interest and learning style. You’ll play songs you love and songs to grow on to spark imagination, strengthen focus, and mastery. You’ll receive encouragement and coaching that invigorates you and helps effective development.”

All ages are welcome at Piano Keys to Music. Thomas says that how students learn is what makes the difference. Instruction moves at each individual’s pace and recognizes the different places from which they approach the instruction.

Thomas shared that one newly widowed student said that, as they came out of a difficult time, the instruction gave them focus, hope and confidence. Another student, 10-year-old Ben, said, “I’m recording and making my own music here. I have a copyright!”

The educator says that she combines her music degree and talents as a pianist to provide a musical education and encourage student’s passions for playing. She has been giving private piano lessons in her studio for over 30 years.

“Not only teaching, but producing shows for students to perform in. Creatively writing, directing and coaching for performance ready. Putting students into duets and ensembles so they can learn to work and support each other.”

She does this by bringing “creativity and innovation to the lesson process by using a variety of techniques to help students understand music and develop the skills needed.”

As Thomas adapted to the ever-changing landscape of a challenging year by creating online lessons for students, so did the students.

“I’m very proud of the way the children and adult students have rallied to keep up with lessons; they manage surprisingly well, but we all feel the difference in not being able to work in person…the little things.”

While learning and performance will eventually return to some sense of normalcy, Thomas says that, in the meantime, she will continue to help her students grow to reach their potential through lessons with a “sense of humor and surprise sprinkled in.”

“I do not emphasize an unrealistic state of perfection, but instead support improvement and being your best.“

For more information about Piano Keys to Music, call 602.971.0089, follow the company on Facebook or visit pianokeystomusic.com. |CST

Photo by Pixabay

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