Love Is All There Is!

— By Michele Guy Syne

February is the month for Valentines…a time to express our love and appreciation for our partners, our family and our friends.

Love is the Magic that bonds us in our relationships, and relationships are what allow us to discover our true Essence. Here are five suggestions for how to build, maintain, nurture and grow our relationships.

Always Be Gentle and Kind: Do you know that an act of kindness releases endorphins, and oxytocin in the donor, the recipient and anyone watching that act of kindness. Endorphins are the brains natural painkiller, and oxytocin is the hormone of love. Acts of kindness make everyone feel good. And feeling good is good for our mental health, and also our physical health.

Be Considerate and Respectful: Open the door for someone. Bring home flowers. Send a text just to see how someone is doing…let them know we are thinking of them. Smile at a stranger. Take out the garbage (without being asked to). Set the table for dinner. Make someone’s day.

Always Assume the Positive Intent: Everyone is only trying to satisfy their needs, and until we walk a mile in their shoes…we may never know what those needs are. No one does anything intentionally to hurt someone else. So be understanding, and forgiving, and allow yourself and others to be imperfect.

Be Present and Attentive: Take the time to appreciate the contribution that the people in your life make to your quality of life, and to your sense of well-being. When you are with them, really be present with them, and make that time quality time.

Surprise and Delight: The element of surprise wakes us up to our lives. We may get caught up in our day-to-day routine, and pretty soon, we cannot remember what happened yesterday, or the day before. Yet we remember the surprises in our lives. We are delighted with something new, exciting, and different.

Love knows no bounds. And the most wonderful thing about Love, is that the more love you give, the more love you have to give. It never runs out.

So, cherish your loved ones and share your love with those who may not have your blessings and make every day a Valentine’s Day!

Michele Guy Syne is a Professional Engineer and Certified Hypnotherapist. Michele offers private hypnotherapy sessions from her office in Carefree. She also facilitates workshops on the fourth Saturday of each month at the Holland Community Center. Contact Michele at 480.652.6698,, or visit her website at

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