Discover Cool New Authors At Authorpalooza

Dog-Eared Pages bookstore wants to help residents find an entertaining way to beat the summer heat with some cool Arizona authors at its Spring 2015 Authorpalooza. The event will be held Saturday, April 18, at 1pm.

The lineup of local authors and genres includes:

Alan Black (historical fiction for young adults and sci-fi)

Les Brierfield (suspense)

Lizzy Ford (paranormal romance for young adults)

Tim Gallen (high fantasy)

Tray Goodman (self-help, business)

V.S. Nelson (paranormal romance)

Anna Questerly (historical fiction for kids and utopian fantasy for adults)

Deena Remiel writes paranormal romance

Lynn Rush (young adult)

Kris Tualla (historical romance and suspense)

Michelle Venne (romance)

Guests will have an opportunity to meet the authors and learn more about their respective books, as well as register for author giveaways (drawings at 3:30pm) and more.

Dog-Eared Pages bookstore is located a half mile south of Bell Road on the west side of 32nd Street. For more information, visit

Dog-Eared Review: The Best-Of-The-Best Local Authors

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By Melanie Tighe –

For over three years, I’ve enjoyed sharing books with you written by Arizona authors. I read a wide variety of books, from mysteries to romance, from children’s books to classic literature, from history to quantum physics; I’ll read just about anything I can get my hands on. When I write a review for a local author, many of whom have self-published, I look for three things. First and foremost, a good story – one that takes me away for a while. Second, not too many errors and mistakes, and finally, a fresh new voice.

Although many authors ask me to review their books, I only write reviews for those that meet the above criteria. I’ve been thrilled to discover many new Arizona voices. I know from personal experience what it takes to complete a novel, I’ve written three myself. I believe these authors deserve our support, which is why I take the time to review their books. This month, I’ll leave you with a list of my favorites from the past three years – a best of the best, if you will. I urge you to do both them and yourself a favor and read a few. Order online, request them from your library or visit Dog-Eared Pages.

Sue Ellen AllenBiography

Les BrierfieldMystery and Paranormal

Phillip A. FortnamContemporary Fiction

Morgan KearnsContemporary Romance

Bill LamperesContemporary Fiction

Deb LedfordMystery

Nancy MarshallPolitical Fiction

Deena RemielParanormal Romance

Kris TuallaHistorical Romance

Todd VanHooserFantasy and Role Playing Games

Remember their names. These are serious writers and I predict one day, at least a few of them, will be best-selling authors.

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