Inner Confidence Leads To Success In Business

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By Bonnie Moehle –

We would all like to be highly effective in our business or profession, and in our effort to make that happen, perhaps we develop a new marketing plan, learn some great sales techniques or create visibility on social media.  While these strategies are all important and helpful, if they are all we are doing, we are missing an essential component for business success – developing inner confidence.

I’m not talking about external confidence.  That’s what we feel when we accomplish a task, achieve a goal or close a deal.  Sure those all feel fabulous, however, they are fleeting and temporary, and when the excitement of the achievement wears off, we find ourselves feeling low, thus affecting our motivation and ability to reach our full business potential.

Inner confidence, on the other hand, is permanent. It never requires an action. It is just there, regardless of what we achieve or what other people think of us.  It is empowering, giving us greater motivation and the ability to handle anything, even if our business dealings haven’t turned out the way we had hoped.  It keeps us moving forward with energy and enthusiasm.

Inner confidence leads to behaviors that breed success.  Lack of inner confidence causes fear and defensiveness.  Have you ever seen two people read the same email and have a completely different interpretation of the same message?  The individual lacking in inner confidence will see the message as threatening or insulting, and then respond accordingly, creating conflict and discord in their business relationships.

When we develop inner confidence, we no longer have a need to be defensive, nor do we have an air of desperation and fear, which pushes potential partnerships, coworkers, clients and bosses away.  We become attractive to be around and others want to work with us because they know that they will be treated with honesty and integrity.  We become more motivated and fearless, as well – more willing to try new avenues and approach new prospects.

Inner confidence makes us compassionate and non-judgmental toward the people we work with.  It is never arrogant.  It makes those individuals who have it more authentic in the way they communicate.  It makes them great leaders.

“Leadership is not so much about technique and methods, as it is about opening the heart. Leadership is about inspiration – of oneself and of others. Great leadership is about human experiences, not processes. Leadership is not a formula or a program, it is a human activity that comes from the heart and considers the hearts of others. It is an attitude, not a routine.” – Lance Secretan, Industry Week, October 12, 1998

So, how do we build this confidence that comes from within?  By recognizing our own brilliance and focusing on our strengths rather than our faults.  By making it a daily practice to put our attention on what we do well, rather than spending our time beating ourselves up. What we focus on becomes our perceptions, behaviors and outcomes.  If we focus on our weaknesses we will promote weak behaviors.  When we focus on what is right about ourselves, we develop behaviors that lead to greater motivation, fearlessness, authenticity and compassion in our interactions and therefore, greater success!

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