Have You Been Counted? 2020 Census Deadline is Sept. 30

For residents who have not already completed their 2020 Census, the deadline is fast approaching.

What is the census?

Every 10 years, the United States counts every person living in the country to determine the number of seats each state has in the U.S. House of Representatives (a process called apportionment) and also to distribute billions of dollars in federal funds to local communities.

Why is it important to the state?

For each person counted in Arizona, the state receives $2,959 in federal funding (totaling more than $20 billion per year), which goes toward vital services including schools, emergency services and hospitals.

How do you participate?

Participating in the census is easier than ever before. For the first time in history, the census can be completed online using a unique code that was mailed to residents in March 2020. There are also the options to participate by phone or mail.

To-date, just under 84 percent of Arizona’s population has been enumerated. But there is still time to be counted — the deadline is Sept. 30.

To learn more about how the census impacts Arizona, visit icount2020.info. To participate in the 2020 Census online or to find additional information, visit 2020census.gov.

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