DIY And Autumn Fun…With Color!

By Barbara Kaplan – Living in Phoenix and close surrounding areas in Arizona, we always experience a slow transition into fall. As we ease into the new season and the warm days get cooler, the slow transition of colors and textures begin to appear. Many of you know that color is my passion, and I […]

Create Your Own Personalized Style

By Barbara Kaplan – If you read my column regularly, you know what a great advocate I am of personalizing your interior spaces. Lately, I’ve become aware of the growing trend of another kind of personalizing. It is with monograms, both in the fashion and home industries. You see it on shirts, blouses and sweaters, […]

Decorating: Improve The Home And Relationships

By Barbara Kaplan – Why are women expected to know how to decorate a home? Traditionally, when a woman gets married she is expected to be the one to decorate the home. Even before she is married, she may feel the responsibility to be the homemaker and therefore the family decorator. Bachelors are considered inept in this area […]

Do It Yourself With Barbara Kaplan

Letting Go To Grow! By Barbara Kaplan – Q: Is it true when you let go of things or clean out closets and cabinets that you attract new things into your life? A: Oh yes! This can be an exciting time, a time for change and growth. Part of being an interior designer, the part that […]

Design Your Sexy Sanctuary

By Barbara Kaplan – The expression “I’m sexy when I’m me” sums up every beautiful room I have ever designed. A beautiful room speaks. It says, “Welcome, come in and enjoy the space. Be comfortable, be happy, have fun and feel good while you are here.” The key is confidence. When a person walks into […]

What Color Are Your Sheets?

By Barbara Kaplan – Your bedroom is your most personal space, so be sure when making choices to surround you in your bedroom, that you love them. Also, keep in mind how you look lying on the color of your sheets. Are they in your best colors and how does the color make you feel? […]

Interior Design For Mindful Living

Your home – your preferences By Barbara Kaplan – How do you prefer to live? Is it the way you are living? Creating health and wellness in your home is really about understanding YOU! Your home feels good and is personalized when you express more of your own “signature” in your environment. When you understand […]

Loving Your Home Is Loving Yourself

By Barbara Kaplan – Your home is the most important outward expression of who you are, after your physical body. The way we treat ourselves – what we eat, how much exercise and rest we get, and all the other daily decisions we make about our body including, our appearance – speaks volumes about who […]

Staging Your Home: It’s Not Just For Sales

By Barbara Kaplan – “Staging” is a term traditionally used by designers and realtors for creating a desirable setting that will appeal to buyers and will motivate them in purchasing a home. However, this is not the only reason! Often after I have staged a home with the furnishings of the current homeowner, I hear, […]