Get Ready for the 2019–20 Cave Creek Special Events Issue!

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As the Town of Cave Creek gears up for its season of events around town, CITYSunTimes, in conjunction with the Town, is hard at work on October’s 2019 Cave Creek Special Events Issue. This annual issue includes a calendar of events for the upcoming season, a special advertiser’s section and a preview of some of the biggest events heading to town for the season.

“Cave Creek is preparing for yet another busy special event season,” says Town of Cave Creek’s Marshal Adam Stein. “Each year we are seeing more and more visitors coming to our great events in Cave Creek. Residents and visitors alike are realizing that Cave Creek is the place to be and the place everyone wants to visit. The town has welcomed more and more special events in town and driving through our town during the ‘busy’ season will clearly show you that Cave Creek is a happening place. From mountain bike events to Cave Creek Bike Week to the Taste of Cave Creek and Hidden in the Hills.

“People who want to have fun…come to Cave Creek. Welcome back to our friends and visitors, and if you have never come to Cave Creek…what are you waiting for? All your friends are visiting us, see what you are missing.” |CST

Cave Creek’s Vibrant Music Scene

Musicians and businesses work together 

MusicScenePart II of two part series

By Curtis Riggs ~  Local musicians have always been some of the first ones to help out people in need in Cave Creek. Partnerships are quickly formed between the players and Cave Creek establishments like Harold’s, the Hideaway and even smaller places like the Grotto when the need arises.

Pandy Raye, who turned her Chicks With Picks concert series into a non-profit organization recently in order to help more people, talks about how, “Cave Creek musicians couldn’t get there fast enough” when a fund-raiser for Valley musician Llory McDonald was held at the Hideaway last year.

The Grotto, which often features young acoustic musicians, recently participated in a Relay For Life fundraiser. Harold’s, the Buffalo Chip, the Horny Toad, the Cave Creek Smokehouse and other Cave Creek establishments ranging from Dairy Queen to the American Legion are always quick to lend a helping hand whenever someone is in need. Raye and her Chicks With Picks co-founder Rhonda Hitchcock have gone with other musicians into Valley children’s hospitals to entertain the sick children.

“They can’t wait to go back and do it again,” she says about the young musicians.

Residents can look for Chickstock, the Chicks With Picks annual festival this year and in the meantime, support the musicians and local charity benefits.  | CST

Love Is The Key At Horse Rescue Facilit

Tierra Madre helping horses ease into old age

By Curtis Riggs – The 29 horses living at the Tierra Madre Horse Sanctuary are some of the happiest horses around. This is not a “sad sack” operation, Tierra Madre owner Jim Gath says of this 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Tierra Madre, which is located on a three-acre ranch near Dynamite and 44th Street, has been helping to rehabilitate older, injured and discarded horses for five years.

Gath and volunteers at the facility have been accepting horses with problems such as leg injuries and temperament issues. Some of the horses have been left behind by their owners during the worst of the economic downturn. Gath was quick to point out that the practice of leaving the horses behind has slowed considerably. The horses at Tierra Madre range from a miniature horse to thoroughbreds, which stand several hands tall. There are several thoroughbreds at the facility, which are recovering from racing injuries. “It is important for horses to have a place to go after their racing careers are over,” says long time Cave Creek Mayor Vincent Francia, whose day job is the general manager of Turf Paradise Race Track in North Phoenix. “Time is what is needed,” he adds. “It is important for a horse to have a place to go and important for us to know they have a place to go once they stop racing.”

Gath tells several stories about how quickly horses have recovered at Tierra Madre. These stories range from a horse that could not walk because of arthritis and soon walking and running after arriving at Tierra Madre – to the recovery of several thoroughbreds who improved quickly after being away from the track. “I do it because the horses need me,” says barn manager Eric, who comes to Tierra Madre daily to feed and clean up after the horses. Volunteers are key to the operation. It is the norm for a volunteer to pick out a favorite horse and care for him specifically during its time at Tierra Madre. Tierra Madre will have a booth set up at Harold’s Cave Creek Coral at the July 3rd Fireworks Extravaganza. The following Sunday, July 8th, there will also be a spaghetti dinner there from 4-7pm. All the proceeds will go to help benefit Tierra Madre. Further information can be found on their website, or by contacting them at 480.747.1070. | CST

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