By Melanie Tighe – Wait — don’t select next month’s book-club book just yet — at least not until you take a peek at Jessica McCann’s Peculiar Savage Beauty. With her unusual characters and their unbelievable hardships, McCann has created an unforgettable work. I can guarantee your club will want to discuss the many different aspects of Peculiar […]

Dog-Eared Review: Breaking Eselda

By Melanie Tighe – Fantasy readers, get ready for a brand new original series…welcome to the kingdom of Fraun! Arizona’s own Tabatha Shipley’s debut novel, Breaking Eselda, is mesmerizing, a can’t-put-it-down tale woven with intrigue and discovery that keeps getting better with each turn of the page. When Eselda’s father, King of Enchenda falls ill, it’s up to […]

Dog-Eared Review: Super Jax — The Case of the Slimy Scientist

By Melanie Tighe – Introducing a new style of superhero — meet Super Jax! Our new hero is a local gal, just like her creator, Tina Swayzee McCright, best known for her Euphoria Lane, H.O.A. mysteries. In this new cozy mystery, Super Jax — The Case of the Slimy Scientist, we are treated to Jax’s zany origin story, […]

Dog-Eared Review: Keys to Success From a Completely Unsuccessful Person

By Melanie Tighe – Usually, self-help books do fairly well in book sales.  Today, for example, the number one best-seller on Amazon is Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life. This review is NOT about that book. Review? No — please allow these words to function more as a warning — A VERY LOUD WARNING. I’m begging you, […]

Dog-Eared Review: Night Hush

By Melanie Tighe – Whew — what a ride! I found this military thriller with a touch of romance to be the perfect read for the Fourth of July. From the very first page, Arizona author Leslie Jones held nothing back in Night Hush, the first book in her Duty & Honor series. The opening scene is so […]

Dog-Eared Review: WISDOM

By Melanie Tighe – Arizona’s own Patrick Tylee takes sci-fi to another realm in this first book of his Wisdom series. His choice of the first person point of view from a clone is perfect for what has to be one of the most unique science fiction stories ever written. Filled with characters as alien […]

Dog-Eared Review: An American Princess

By Melanie Tighe Whew – talk about a whirlwind! An American Princess by Arizona author Kelly Depp sweeps a reader up into its fairy-tale story with nothing more than a titillating calling card left on Emily Wilde’s door, leading to a series of surprises too bold and daring for most young women to even dream of. Just […]

Dog-Eared Review: Nyla’s Curse

By Melanie Tighe –   Nyla’s Curse, the first book in award-winning, Arizona author Michele Venne’s new Roanoak series, is a must-read for fantasy lovers, especially those of us who enjoy a bit of romance. Take one scorned witch, and add seven uniquely powerful brothers, who must find the Others – now. The Others – seven women, […]

Dog-Eared Review: 2035: An Elephant in the Room

By Melanie Tighe – Meet Barth; a free-wheeling, party-hardy, heavy drinkin’ ad man fed up with humanity. Now, join Barth as he finally decides to clean up his act – just in time for the apocalypse. Author J. Franklin Green admits to a bit of autobiographical shenanigans and pleads guilty to overuse of imagination in […]

Dog-Eared Review: Bittersweet Resort

By Melanie Tighe – “Hey, honey. Let’s quit this corporate gig and open up our own business!” When that bug bites you, it’s over. You’re done for, as Dick and Thelma Rea learned the hard way when they purchased a fixer-upper, nine-cabin lakeside resort back in the Ozarks in the 1970’s. Thelma Rea’s Bittersweet Resort […]