Decisions 2020

By Rabbi Robert L. Kravitz, D.D. 

Turmoil, Chaos, Illness and Death…everywhere.

Watching Gestapo tactics against Americans.

Mask up, wash up, stand up…apart.

            Decisions. …

Standing or kneeling.

Protesting against, whatever.

Need vaccines, but won’t take this batch.

            Decisions. …

Open the schools, hope the kids don’t bring “stuff” home to Grandma.

Must have religion, don’t gather in large groups.

Us vs. Them, White vs. Black, Black vs. White, et al.

America The Beautiful?

            Decisions. …

Guns, no guns.

Right to one’s body, or not.

Counted in the Census, or excluded.

Freedom to vote, squashed.

Decisions. …

Jobs and affordable places to live.

Help for the neediest.

Leadership vs. Emptiness.

Decisions. …

Participate, or leave it to the next person.

Speak out, stay silent.

Do something right, sit on your hands.

Educate, learn, challenge. Accept the unreal.

Decisions. …

Promote democracy. Watch it fall to demagoguery.

Salute the flag. Turn it upside down.

Take responsibility. Take nothing, give nothing back.

Decisions. …

The view of Earth from the height of the International Space Station shows a globe that is blue and beautiful, at peace and harmony. It’s only when we come closer-in, beneath the clouds, that the turmoil becomes more evident. When the Creator developed this place, it was formless and void. Today it is full and teeming with people and animals.

Decisions we make now will either advance life on this planet, or destroy it.

Decisions we select today will either bring harmony back to the planet, or cause it to explode in divisiveness.

Decisions need to be made critically, honestly, and quickly.

Decide for yourself, or others will decide for you.

Rabbi Robert L. Kravitz, D.D. is known Valley-wide for his more than three decades of support for civil and human rights, and the positive efforts of law enforcement. Serving as a volunteer police chaplain for more than 30 years, he regularly addresses civic and religious gatherings on related subjects, while working part-time as Hospital Chaplaincy Coordinator for Jewish Family & Children’s Service. Contact him at

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