24 Ideas for Comfort, Productivity & Well-Being Working from Home or Anytime

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By Barbara Kaplan ~

Interior Design for Holistic Living benefits a person’s well-being by supporting their wellness of mind, body and spirit in regard to the all the environments they are in.

To feel that holistic living can support our happiness and productivity in our most personal spaces, we must discover why we make the choices we do. By asking questions and being honest with the answers, we can better understand our authentic inner-selves and we are able to benefit confidently when making design and other decisions.

Holistic design delves into our thoughts and feelings for an outcome that supports and nurtures to bring us success and joy.

Below are easy to follow ideas for taking better care of ourselves during this time of change and uncertainty.

  1. Avoid eating at your desk. Enjoy a break elsewhere.
  2. Have fresh flowers or plants by your desk.
  3. Use favorite writing utensils — pens, pencils, paper.
  4. Change your favorite screen savers often.
  5. Stand up every 20 minutes to stretch and walk a few steps.
  6. Whenever returning to your computer, wash hands and refresh your wrists and back of neck with cold water.
  7. When waiting for a call, new screen to open, or anything — take a few slow deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth.
  8. Don’t wear shoes if you don’t have to.
  9. Wiggle your toes, ankles and fingers as often as possible. Do arm curls at your desk.
  10. Wear lipstick or, guys, Chapstick to keep your lips moist.
  11. Take a drink of water every 15 minutes.
  12. Change the chair you sit on, at least once a day.
  13. Alternate working at a standing desk.
  14. When on a phone call, pace as you talk. You can even schedule some phone calls for when you walk outside.
  15. While sitting, be aware of your posture and move it often.
  16. Stretch your arms, back and shoulders and notice when you start to slump forward.
  17. Be mindful of your body and move it when and where needed.
  18. Don’t twist your body or cross your legs when sitting at your desk.
  19. Don’t read doom and gloom emails.
  20. Play music you enjoy. Let the people you speak to on the phone overhear it too.
  21. Keep lights off, as much as you can and work in natural sun light from windows.
  22. Open all windows, as long as the weather allows.
  23. Consider taking your work outdoors, if possible.
  24. Stick to eating healthy food at mealtimes and curb snacks, unless they are healthy ones, too.

Barbara Kaplan, IFDA and Allied ASID, is a Phoenix-based Holistic Interior Design consultant and the founder of Barbara’s Picks, an online resource for the best of the best Design and Lifestyle Resources. Visit barbaraspicks.com for more information.

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Create a Spa Room in Your Home and Make Stress-Free Choices

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By Barbara Kaplan ~

Creating a spa-like atmosphere in your own home is an opportunity for personal pleasure and enjoyment.  First, you have to have an extra room to make this happen. If you are fortunate to have the space, you can create a get-away just for you, a place you can get a quiet and soul-satisfying massage or use for meditation.  If this is important to you, here are some things to consider and choices to make.

Begin by determining which room will give you the privacy you need — where you will feel safe from the outside world. A place that is quiet with no phone ringing or TV sounds from other rooms. Bring in a comfortable chair, meditation pillow or pillows to lie on. Make the floor a different color than the rest of the house. You can also make the floor extra soft to the touch of bare feet. Paint the walls in your favorite relaxing color. Perhaps you can upholster the walls with fabric for additional soundproofing and softness. If you have special or spiritual objects, you can display them on an altar. Finish it off with soft lighting and you have created your own private haven.

If you have a regular massage, choosing the time of day you prefer is significant. Mornings before you begin the day are great because you can then be energized for the rest of the day. Facing stress can be less difficult. Perhaps you prefer the evening to relieve your stress. Yes, this may be considered an indulgence — but what better gift can you give yourself in your own home!

Here are some helpful tips. Make sure the air is comfortable, not too hot or cold. If it is winter, it needs to be warm enough without a blanket, and in the summer, it is nice to have a fan blowing cool air over you. Personally, I love having massages on my back patio when the weather permits. The birds and running water from my fountain carry me into nature. A fan and a heater as I need it make the area as comfortable as possible.

It is also nice to have music playing at the right volume to soothe you. Loud music is jarring to the soul — music needs to be audible enough to take you to places where your mind can rest. Regardless of the time of day, have candles flickering near you. Even with your eyes closed you can feel the glow. Sometimes, lightly scented candles give the same effect as aromatherapy. Small vases with flowers are another treat.

One of the benefits of home massages is that you don’t have to get dressed afterwards. You can lounge in your robe and drink tea in your favorite cup or water in your favorite glass. You can do all this sitting in your favorite chair or get back into bed and take a nap or read. Of course, your bed is an entire article by itself. How soft are your sheets, how comfortable is your pillow and how inviting is your blanket?

When you have these experiences in your own home, the memory stays with you. This is one of the reasons it is important to be sure that when you are designing rooms in your home that they are a reflection of you. Create your rooms to serve you and make each environment one that will give you pleasure and personal fulfillment. How you do this is up to you.

Remember, rooms have no feelings — you do!

Barbara Kaplan, IFDA and Allied ASID, is a Phoenix-based Holistic Interior Design consultant and the founder of Barbara’s Picks, an online resource for the best of the best Design and Lifestyle Resources. Visit barbaraspicks.com for more information.

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