Ask Mr. Modem: Convert PDF Files To Word Format

  Q. Is there a way of converting a PDF file into a standard Word Document? A. Yes, there sure is. I use the free, online PDF-to-Word converter at Simply browse to and select the PDF file you want to convert, provide your email address and the converted DOC file will be e-mailed to […]

Ask Mr. Modem: Tips For Comfy Computing

Ergonomic and environmental issues can be particularly troublesome for computer users. This month, I’d like to share several tips you can use to keep your computing comfortable, productive and, ideally, injury-free. 1. Position your keyboard so that you can type while keeping your hands in a neutral, flat posture. Place your keyboard on a height-adjustable, […]

Ask Mr. Modem: The Perils Of Remote Access

Q. What do you think about letting other people take remote control of my computer to analyze and fix problems? A. I would be inclined to use something like that right after I have a microchip implanted in my body so my cat knows where I am if I wander off. In short, I wouldn’t. […]

Ask Mr. Modem: A Second Chance With CTRL + Z

Q. Sometimes when I drag a file from one location with the intention of placing it in another location, I fumble with the mouse and it winds up in the wrong spot. When that happens, is there some way I can cancel what I just did so I can start over? A. Windows does provide a second chance of […]

Ask Mr. Modem: iPhone/iPad Printing

Q. Is there some way I can print directly from my iPad or iPhone? A. There are several ways to accomplish this, though I found it easiest to purchase an AirPrint printer ( AirPrint printers are wireless printers approved by Apple to work with the iPhone, iPad and other iDevices. I use an Epson Artisan 730 printer primarily for printing […]

Ask Mr. Modem: Windows 8 In A Nutshell

Click to read more about Mr. Modem Q. Now that Windows 8 has been released, have you tried it and if so, what do you think, Mr. M? A. Overall, I like it, though it is clearly designed for touchscreen devices. Using it on a desktop computer with a touchscreen monitor is a bit awkward, though it […]

Ask Mr. Modem: Beware Of Security Scams

Click to read more about Mr. Modem Q. I received a message that warned me of security problems on my computer that could be fixed if I clicked a link and paid some outfit $24.95. My security programs show no problems. I’m inclined to think this is a scam. What do you think, Mr. M? […]

Ask Mr. Modem: Avoid Skewed iPhone Photos

Click to read more about Mr. Modem Q. When I take photos with my iPhone or iPad, they are usually crooked or tilted. Is there some app or something I can do to keep my photos on an even keel when taking them? A. There sure is, but you don’t need any third-party apps to do it. […]

Change Gmail Default Font

By Mr. Modem – Q. I would like to make Verdana my default font for all messages sent using my Gmail account. How can I do that? A. In Gmail, go to Settings > Labs (or select Labs under Quick Links) and enable Default Type Styling. Be sure to click Save at the bottom. Next, […]