Come On…How Can You Believe In Someone You Cannot See?

Pastor Paul Witkop

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By Paul Witkop –

My conversation with a man recently took an interesting turn when he seriously questioned my sanity. I told him that after a careful analysis of other options available that explain life and our human purpose, I have made the personal choice to trust my life to Jesus Christ. His contention was that anything worthwhile in life came as a result of careful market analysis, wise investing, greater hustle, scientific evidence, and pure luck.

To him, trusting in God is for those who have not really considered the truth. In his opinion, natural selection and survival of the fittest explain everything we need to know about how we came about. Gathering together with others to worship God is simply a psychological crutch. He saw church as a wonderful place to meet people and make connections. However, worshipping and trusting in a God you cannot see makes no sense. Believing in Jesus is a little like believing in unicorns — it makes for a great children’s story but it does not make sense for an enlightened person of the 21st century.

There are volumes of analytical historical evidence that support the existence of God and the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Most convincing, we have the eyewitness accounts of people who actually saw the resurrected Jesus. They wrote about their experiences with him shortly after the event. If their testimony was false, they would have been exposed in their own time. Instead, their testimonies started a following that continues to grow today.

If natural selection and the laws of physics are all that there is, then I am forced to live with some troubling deductions. First, I am nothing more than a body. In addition, I have no intrinsic value because there is no one or no-thing to establish it. Also, I cannot make choices because choices assume that my mind can reason. Natural selection says that everything is pre-determined. Why do I even bother to look both ways at a stop sign if it is all determined.

Instead, it makes all the difference in the world to know that Jesus loves each of us and cares for us in a very personal way. God sent Jesus into the world so that we would better know what God is like. We don’t earn Jesus’ love by out-hustling our neighbors or by being wiser or by accumulating more good works than bad ones. God invites us to simply trust and admit that we need his help and forgiveness. He offers us a trust relationship, forever.

Some may question the logic of a God who loves like this. I question the logic of someone who has made up their mind that there is no God before really examining the evidence. I have come to believe that a God-centered existence makes the most sense.

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