Dog-Eared Review: Protect Your Writings: A Legal Guide for Authors

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By Melanie Tighe –

protect your writings

Protect Your Writings: A Legal Guide for Authors by Arizona attorney Maria Crimi Speth, is a book that every author, artist and entrepreneur should read. What you think you know about your copyrights, trademarks and licensing agreements could cost you big bucks.

Speth uses everyday language to explain intangible rights. She shows which tasks you can do on your own to protect your work, and which you may need an attorney’s help to complete. This slim volume of Protect Your Writings contains a wealth of valuable information for authors and artists.

Melanie Tighe, with Dog-Eared Pages bookstore in North Phoenix, enjoys reviewing books by local authors. This book and many more by talented Arizona authors are available at Dog-Eared Pages (just south of Bell Road on 32nd Street.)

Dog-Eared Review: Chasing Harpo

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By Melanie Tighe –

Chasing_Harpo_Cover_for_Kindle (1)

When an orangutan goes on the lam, anything can happen. Chasing Harpo, by Arizona author Alan Black hosts an intriguing cast of quirky characters you’d like to visit with longer. Including the star, Harpo — an orangutan who believes humans are here purely for his entertainment and, of course, to deliver his food.

A fun ride and a great adventure for all ages, as Harpo and his trusty servant, Carl, try to outwit the zoo security team, the police, the attorney general and a gang of drug dealers.

Dog-Eared Review: Angel in the Moonlight

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By Melanie Tighe – AngelintheMoonlight_sm

Local author Marie Patrick’s Angel in the Moonlight has all of the elements that make for a great story – history, mystery and romance. Add to that it’s satisfying, twisty ending and this novel does not disappoint.

With her idyllic life shattered one night, Callie must now fulfill the promise she made to her dying mother, but the new U.S. Marshal will do everything he can to keep her safe. When the wealthy young orphan makes her own plans to find her parent’s killers, she causes the Marshal no end of worries. Yet he can’t seem to keep his mind or his hands off of her. But the danger is only beginning; with her parents’ killers still on the loose, neither the Marshal nor Callie can afford to let down their guard, but when the Angel of Justice rides through the region at midnight, terror strikes the heart of everyone – including the killers.


Dog-Eared Review: Alexander Outland

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By Melanie Tighe –

Alexander Outland, space pirate, at your service. As long as you are a beautiful, shapely female, that is – race and planetary origin irrelevant. This ne’er-do-well captain and his misfit and outcast, yet highly-skilled, crew scour the galaxy for profit and pleasure. That is until his reputation and ah…roguish ways catch up to him.alexander-outland

G.J. Koch’s Alexander Outland is a rousing space romp and one of the most fun books I’ve read in a long time. Koch’s irreverent wit shines through every line of snappy, snarky dialogue and even through old Aunt Polly’s sage, yet frequently unbidden, advice.

This fast-paced adventure will leave you winded, yet ready for more. Packed with a cast of original and totally incongruent characters that somehow, you just know, belong together. From Slinky, the gorgeous security officer, the only woman in the entire galaxy who won’t sleep with Outland and, of course, the one he really, really (Did I say really?) wants to bed; to the elderly deposed governor with his own secrets; to the probably-insane engineer who can fix or build anything, including a life-like sexpot robot for his mate. (Oh, and to help Captain Outland fly the ship, of course.)

A hero to some, a lover to many, and an outlaw occasionally – well, okay, usually – Alexander Outland is anything but boring.

Melanie Tighe of Dog-Eared Pages, just south of Bell Road on 32nd Street in North Phoenix, reviews books by local authors.

Dog-Eared Review: Once Upon A Christmas


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By Melanie Tighe –

Last month, I challenged my customers to read outside their preferred genre. I agreed to do the same, which is hard since I read practically everything. I had planned to read a true crime, something I’ve never read, but local author, Pamela Tracy gave me a copy of her newest book, Once Upon A Christmas. It’s a Christian romance published by Harlequin and part of their Love Inspired line, so not my usual fare. I decided to read it instead. I’m glad I did. It’s a sweet treat for any time of the year.OnceChristmas

Once Upon a Christmas, set in small town, Iowa for perfect snowy nights and charming flavor reminiscent of a more innocent time. Not to say there are not some shady shenanigans going on in this quiet town. Don’t worry I won’t spoil them for you.

When widowed farmer Jared McCreedy needs help with his rambunctious youngest son, he’s encouraged to seek out the newest resident in town. Owner of a vintage clothing shop, trendy Maggie Tate (also widowed), has plenty of experience with ADD/ADHD dealing with her own daughter, Cassidy.

As attractive as Maggie is, Jared can’t picture her living as a farmer’s wife. It doesn’t take long until he can’t imagine life without her. But the last thing Maggie thinks she deserves is another husband. As crazy as life gets for the two of them, one of the things I enjoyed the most was that all’s-right-with-the-world feeling Pamela Tracy delivers.

Melanie Tighe of Dog-Eared Pages, just south of Bell Road on 32nd Street in North Phoenix, reviews books by local authors.


Dog-Eared Review: Jinx

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By Melanie Tighe –

Local authors Bill Lamperes and John Judson’s newest book, Jinx, is a disturbing romp through the mind of a troubled teen. Prior to their writing careers, these two authors pioneered several non-traditional education models that are still being followed with great success today. Through Jinx covertheir writing, they show it’s not too late to give today’s at risk youth a chance to be heard.

The book is hard to put down. Jinx’s explosive beginning is followed by the kind of goose bump-raising honesty only fiction, in the hands of talented authors, can deliver. This young girl will break your heart one instant only to leave you cheering for her the next. Join Jinx as she battles against her inner demons with the help and guidance of a therapist who hears the taunt of his own devils.

Jinx will challenge your ideas of today’s youth and yet give you hope for a better tomorrow. A must read for parents, counselors or teachers dealing with addicted or troubled adolescents.



Dog-Eared Review: The Parrot’s Perch

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By Melanie Tighe –

Fairytales and nightmares haunt the pages of Karen Keilt’s incredible true story, The Parrot’s Perch. Keilt’s clear writing style grabs you like good fiction, and you’ll find yourself flipping pages long into the night as you escape into the sultry beauty of Brazil.

Imagine a life of privilege. Not only do you make the Olympic team, all you desire is yours; fame, fortune, beauty; magnificent mansions, fast cars and servants to attend your every whim. You live the life of a fairytale princess who marries her Prince Charming. All is spectacularly right in your world, and then…

A trio of revenge, betrayal and greed rip the two of you from that sheltered life and thrust you into a nightmare. You descend into a hell so vile and disgusting, your muffled sobs are ignored – your screams of terror go unanswered.

Karen Keilt’s aptly named, The Parrot’s Perch, is an account you can’t forget and will wish was only a story.

Dog-Eared Review: The Best-Of-The-Best Local Authors

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By Melanie Tighe –

For over three years, I’ve enjoyed sharing books with you written by Arizona authors. I read a wide variety of books, from mysteries to romance, from children’s books to classic literature, from history to quantum physics; I’ll read just about anything I can get my hands on. When I write a review for a local author, many of whom have self-published, I look for three things. First and foremost, a good story – one that takes me away for a while. Second, not too many errors and mistakes, and finally, a fresh new voice.

Although many authors ask me to review their books, I only write reviews for those that meet the above criteria. I’ve been thrilled to discover many new Arizona voices. I know from personal experience what it takes to complete a novel, I’ve written three myself. I believe these authors deserve our support, which is why I take the time to review their books. This month, I’ll leave you with a list of my favorites from the past three years – a best of the best, if you will. I urge you to do both them and yourself a favor and read a few. Order online, request them from your library or visit Dog-Eared Pages.

Sue Ellen AllenBiography

Les BrierfieldMystery and Paranormal

Phillip A. FortnamContemporary Fiction

Morgan KearnsContemporary Romance

Bill LamperesContemporary Fiction

Deb LedfordMystery

Nancy MarshallPolitical Fiction

Deena RemielParanormal Romance

Kris TuallaHistorical Romance

Todd VanHooserFantasy and Role Playing Games

Remember their names. These are serious writers and I predict one day, at least a few of them, will be best-selling authors.

Dog-Eared Review: “White Tiger”

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By Melanie Tighe –

Yes, I know, we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but I fell in love with the cover of White Tiger by Vijaya Schartz. I mean, look at it, doesn’t it call to you? I’m happy to say Schartz didn’t disappoint. Although, this is the first book in her Chronicles of Kassouk series, the ending was satisfying enough for White Tiger to stand on its own.

Here’s the gist of the story, without any spoilers: Kassouk is a medieval world of humans, mutants, and the Godds. Those, not always so benevolent, deities mettle in human affairs and wreak havoc as only Godds know how to do. Tora, a warrior with the ability to speak to animals, learns her father was murdered by a traitor. As she tries to piece together the mystery of her father’s death, she’s called into battle to protect the realm from the invading crazed Zerkers. When she finally learns the truth, neither Tora nor Kassouk will ever be the same.

Other books in the Chronicles of Kassouk series: Red Leopard, Black Jaguar and Blue Lioness by Vijaya Schartz.

Dog-Eared Review: “Trinity – A Brethren Novel”

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By Melanie Tighe –

Not many people can claim their boss is an angel, but when her six-year-old daughter is kidnapped by a demon, Emma learns her boss truly is. Oh, he’s not just a nice guy, he’s a real angel. In fact, he is the Protector and a member of The Brethren. A band of angels sworn to protect mankind, The Brethren rally to keep the child from Satan and his minions.

Ancient and immortal, yet unbelievably hot, Michael D’Angelo must not only rescue Emma’s daughter, but teach them both their roles according to the prophecy about the upcoming battle, which will determine the future of mankind. Michael, Emma and her daughter form a powerful Trinity, that can defeat the devil himself. Of course, the devil knows this prophecy as well and has other plans for the Trinity and The Brethren.

In this first Brethren Novel, Trinity, Arizona author, Deena Remiel heats up the Superstition Mountains with a sky-searing, earth-shaking battle between the Brethren and Satan.

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