What Is Bajaro?

By Barbara Kaplan – For most people their home is a refuge – a place where they can forget about the outside world. A place that allows them to go within to create healing for the things they cannot control. This is what I refer to as a person’s “sacred space” or “healing environment.” Everyone […]

Eye-Catching Collectible Displays Bring Personality Into A Room

By Barbara Kaplan – Q: My home décor is eclectic. I like the feeling and would like to keep all the fun accents I’ve collected. However, I would like to redecorate so my collections make more of a statement. Should I do it with color, new furniture or lighting? What will give me the quickest, […]

The Philosophy Of Sexy Interior Design: Sassy – Sensuous – Serene

By Barbara Kaplan – Do you think your home is “sexy”? Sexy interior design is all about attitude. It’s creating a personal space in which you feel alive and tells your story. The room expresses and reflects your way of life. So often, rooms are designed to look good, and certainly there is nothing wrong […]