CarCorner Review: Super – Hero – Status…2015 Lexus NX 200t


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By Cathy Droz –

Have you noticed lately that we seem to be inundated with Superheroes? They seem to come from every angle including comics, movies, television – and have you ever been to Comic-Con? They generate millions of dollars for movie producers, toy makers and event planners. More importantly, they give each generation of youngsters and the “kid” in adults a hero they can fantasize about. I’m a Captain America fan whose character originated in 1941 with Marvel comics. It seems that every several years our superheroes are “re-invented” with up-to-date powers, and arch villains.Lexus NX - Super Hero Girl

I look at the Lexus brand to have the same rebirth; getting its start in 1989 with two stylish sedans and with every year thereafter, they grew and grew in size, style, and tantalizing details one generation after the other. The Avengers have numerous superheroes and Lexus now offers 19 different models. As Captain America is a stand out for me, so is the 2015 Lexus NX 200t, and by adding the F sport it truly goes in to Superhero, superpower mode.

I test drove the NX in Seattle a year ago, when it wasn’t even available at Lexus dealerships. I knew after testing those models around the busy streets of Seattle that they had a hit on their hands. The 2015 Lexus 200t starts under $35,000, while the F Sport that I test drove runs about $43,000. The pricing is comparable to other models in their class, much like the 2015 Audi Q3.

Lexus NX - Cargo AreaFrom the first time Lexus introduced the spindle grille I was a fan. You have to admit the aggressive bold look takes the Lexus models to another level of sporty and sexy. All superheroes wear very form-fitting attire; where you can see every move they make not to mention their muscles. The maneuverability of the Lexus NX was tight and precise, much like the spandex uniforms our heroes wear. I felt while driving the NX that every turn I took, every traffic light I stopped for, and every parking space I encountered, I was in control. I was one with the steering wheel, brakes and technology, a sort of Wonder Woman.

I also tested the super powers of the NX on the highway, the streets of downtown Phoenix and the underground parking garage of a Chandler law office. I used it for picking up kids from camp and dinner for two at the trendy Joyride restaurant; where the valets were fighting over who got to park the F Sport. I was excited to have the Lexus for my grandson’s superhero birthday party, not just for the bright blue color to match Captain America’s uniform, but I was able to get Captain America to sit inside for a quick look around, anxiously awaiting his reaction.

My impression of the interior of the 200t was “super,” much like the exterior. The race car look continues with its cockpit-like seating. Many crossovers sit high and straight while the NX seats surround the driver in a lower position, like a hug from Captain America when you need it the most. The instrument panel was a cluster of modern technology and safety features; easy to understand even without super powers.

Lexus NX ChargerThe technology delivers the standard Lexus Premium Audio system and its eight channel amplifier. Bluetooth is seamless and the Qi wireless charging tray was so futuristic even Captain America was awed. There is an integration of remote touch interface in the center console which is a first for the Lexus system replacing the old joystick type instrument, which had its haters. It took me a little bit to get the hang of it but so did learning to use a stick shift. I did “punch” in BARROS Pizza to the navigation system to get directions and it was easy to do. I arrived with the decorations, grandson and attitude in my Wonder Woman T-Shirt an hour before the 50 plus parents, kids and friends arrived.

Lexus NX Full Shot Car and KidsAs I noted earlier, I let Captain America (wink) sit inside the vehicle. He was fascinated with the mirror that appears when you flip over one of the space savers as he adjusted his mask. There are cup holders that secure the water bottle so well you can unscrew the top with one hand. He liked that because his shield is in the other hand at all times. His only complaint was he felt Lexus was missing a compartment for his shield when he wasn’t working. I thought he was always working to save people and work for the good of mankind? However, I told him I would bring it up at the next Lexus meeting and get back to him.

Whether you are a superhero or super parent, teacher, nurse, engineer or friend, you really should test drive the new Lexus NX 200t and F Sport. You just may turn in your old shield for new one.

Listed below are some superhero stats for the Lexus NX 200t and F Sport. For more information go to and for additional certified reviews go to

2015 Lexus NX 200t Starting at $34,480

  • 22 MPG City 28 MPG Highway
  • 2.0 Liter Turbo 16-valve
  • 235 HP, 258-lb-ft Torque
  • 6-speed Automatic Transmission
  • 8 Airbags – Driver, Front, Knee and Side – Passenger: Cushion and Side
  • Anti-Lock Braking system
  • Vehicle Theft-Deterrent System
  • Lexus Enform Safety Connect
  • Notification, Stolen Vehicle Location
  • Emergency Assist Button
  • Backup Camera
  • 8-speaker Lexus Display Audio System, HD Radio with iTunes
  • Auto Dual Zone Climate Control
  • 10-way Driver Seat – 8-way Passenger Seat, 4.2 Full Color Multi-information Display
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