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  1. Carol Padwe says:

    Never have received your publication. Live in north Scottsdale. Friend emailed it to me.

  2. Ann Rosenberg says:

    Great paper. Lots of local information. Really enjoy reading it

  3. Vera Demchenko says:

    Like seeing list of local events.

  4. Robert Fox says:

    Moved here a year and a half ago…best local paper ever, have lived in 7 states and never read the local newspaper till now…love this paper and has helped us make a transition to our new home in Arizona…thanks and keep up the good work.

  5. Great local paper. Nice feeling to it!

  6. Linda Belle says:

    Wow I hope I win ♡

  7. Harriet Freeman says:

    picked up a copy at Dunkin Donuts at Tatum & Greenway. Enjoyed reading and hope I win.

  8. Jayne Carroll says:

    I receive City Sun Times in my P.O. Box in Cave Creek. I always read it….informative, especially for local events. And thankfully, non-political. I really appreciate that.
    The other local rag just goes right in the recycle can. Yours I bring home and go all the way through it. Thank you!!

  9. Luci Heine says:

    Enjoy your informative paper. Thank you!

  10. I love contests.

  11. Elizabeth Valentine says:

    Great contest by a great newspaper! #CITYSUNTIMES

  12. always excited to receive your paper…enjoy reading about events taking place at the time and in the future. very readable with lots of good advertising.

  13. Jere Sponagle says:

    Fairly new to this publication and have enjoyed every issue thus far.

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