Enter To Win!

Simply, complete the short survey form to be entered for a chance to win! Deadline to receive submissions is December 15.

  • A pair of tickets to the Arizona Theatre Company production of The Music Man at Herberger Theater Center Jan. 11
  • A Family 2-Pak of tickets to the Valley Youth Theatre production of The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, Feb. 8–24



  1. Carol Padwe says:

    Never have received your publication. Live in north Scottsdale. Friend emailed it to me.

  2. Ann Rosenberg says:

    Great paper. Lots of local information. Really enjoy reading it

  3. Vera Demchenko says:

    Like seeing list of local events.

  4. Robert Fox says:

    Moved here a year and a half ago…best local paper ever, have lived in 7 states and never read the local newspaper till now…love this paper and has helped us make a transition to our new home in Arizona…thanks and keep up the good work.

  5. Great local paper. Nice feeling to it!

  6. Linda Belle says:

    Wow I hope I win ♡

  7. Harriet Freeman says:

    picked up a copy at Dunkin Donuts at Tatum & Greenway. Enjoyed reading and hope I win.

  8. Jayne Carroll says:

    I receive City Sun Times in my P.O. Box in Cave Creek. I always read it….informative, especially for local events. And thankfully, non-political. I really appreciate that.
    The other local rag just goes right in the recycle can. Yours I bring home and go all the way through it. Thank you!!

  9. Luci Heine says:

    Enjoy your informative paper. Thank you!

  10. I love contests.

  11. Elizabeth Valentine says:

    Great contest by a great newspaper! #CITYSUNTIMES

  12. always excited to receive your paper…enjoy reading about events taking place at the time and in the future. very readable with lots of good advertising.

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