Baby Eyes

– By Stephen Cohen, O.D. There are few things as wonderful as looking into the clear eyes of a baby, and seeing warm recognition in response. While it is easy to see a child’s development in other areas (e.g., walking, talking), we really don’t “see” a child’s eyes develop. Over time, we just recognize that […]

The Eyes Have It!

– By Stephen Cohen, O.D. Happy New Year! Hopefully, included in your resolutions is taking care of your most precious sense: your vision. We were not designed for the current demands on our eyes. If we were, we’d have one eyeball in the middle of our foreheads! For a little diversion, here are some (hopefully) interesting facts […]

Vision And Driving

– By Stephen Cohen, O.D. If you have a child of driving age, you get to experience the pleasure…as well as the anxiety…of having a child out on the road behind the wheel. Sixteen to 19 year olds are the highest risk driving group, particularly during the first driving year. These “vision and driving” facts and tips […]

3-D Or Not 3-D

– By Stephen Cohen, O.D. Technology changes so fast that what was new last year, can be passé today. While these mind-boggling advances occur at breakneck speeds, we can’t always anticipate the unintended consequences that come with the advances. Many of us face the challenges that arise from computer use, such as neck/backaches, dry eyes and carpal […]

Am I Blue?

– By Stephen Cohen, O.D. When we see a rainbow, it is the composite of colors of visible “white light” radiation.  On one end is “blue” light, which comes right after Ultraviolet Radiation (UV).  The potential damaging effects of UV are well known.  It can contribute to skin damage (aging, cancer) and contributes to cataract development in […]

UV Or Not UV? That Is The Question

– By Stephen Cohen, O.D. It’s “that” time of year. As we move from the season that reminds us why we live here, to the one that makes us question our sanity for living here, we tend to pay extra attention to protecting our skin from the potential ravages of Ultra-Violet Radiation (UVR). We consider things like […]

Drying Out After The New Year

–  “Go on that diet.” “Exercise more.” “Spend more time with my family.” “Save more money.” The start of the New Year gives us a clean slate to work with. While you’re “editing” your 2016 list of resolutions, let me add a few small things you can do on a regular basis that will enhance […]

Diabetes Awareness Month

By Stephen Cohen, O.D. –  Although life expectancy is at an all-time high, the current diabetes epidemic is getting much worse, increasing by 27 percent in just the past 10 years. Seventeen million people are diabetic, and about one-third (almost six million) do not know it.  Diabetics are at risk for heart disease, kidney disease, […]

Eat 220 Pounds Of Fish Skin…Or Do This

By Stephen Cohen, O.D. –  Age-related eye conditions will triple in the next 15 years. Macular degeneration alone will account for 50 percent of visual impairment and 20 percent of blindness. It is also estimated that 30 million people will develop cataracts by the year 2020 (due to increased life expectancy, poor nutrition, ultraviolet (UV) […]

It’s All Greek To Me

By Stephen Cohen, O.D. –  Myopia. Hyperopia. Astigmatism. Presbyopia. I have no idea what you’re talking about-opia. If you are like millions of other Americans, one of these terms describes you. Presbyopia alone affects over 100 million people, but don’t worry, it’s not contagious. These are the terms that describe how your eyes work, or, […]