La La Land Is Not Just A Movie

By Rabbi Robert L. Kravitz – So here we are, weeks into the new presidential world and more people are praying than ever before. Some pray for the new president, his family and administration, others pray for a return to democracy, sanity and honesty. There are thousands out there who will never be pleased until […]

Integrity And Honesty – Not So Real Today

By Rabbi Robert L. Kravitz – I shake your hand and the deal is final, done, set, completed. My handshake, and the required signature at the bottom of the page, is all that is needed to attest to the fact that there is now a resolution that both sides agree on. Or is it? Today […]

I’m Buzzed, But I’m Happy

By Rabbi Robert L. Kravitz – My head is a-buzz. Not with bees. Not with the incessant hum of machinery. Not with the background noise of a city. My head is buzzing because I’m exhausted. It’s one thing to be tired from missing a few hours of sleep. It’s another to be in a “zone” […]

In A World Of Do It Yourself

By Rabbi Robert L. Kravitz – What a world! On TV, we watch Do-it-Yourself programs. In the large “box stores” we are shown how to do it ourselves. In congregations and religious gatherings we are told how to do it ourselves. Even sports equipment maker Nike says, “Just do it.” If everything were that easy, […]

Every Tomorrow Has A Yesterday Built Into It

By Rabbi Robert L. Kravitz – Memories. Thoughts of the past. Ideas from former actions. Drifting into the ether of yesterdays, composed of memories, recollections. We build on the past. We formulate today on the basis of yesterday, to make a new tomorrow. Each chapter of our book follows a previous page. Every tomorrow has […]

Where Does T’’U Come From?

By Rabbi Robert L. Kravitz – We made it! We’ve successfully blasted through Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa and are pushing toward the next set of holidays: Fiesta Bowl, Cactus Bowl, the Martin Luther King, Jr. birthday and T”u Bishvat. You know about the first six festivals; maybe you celebrated a couple. But what about the funny-looking […]

Happy Footballkeyclausika Everyone!

By Rabbi Robert L. Kravitz – Summer – with its heat and monsoons has finally given us a reprieve. Fall – with its New England images of leaves and cool mornings presents us with a new view of our tomorrow. Winter – with its lower temperatures and shorter daytime gives us a chill. So with […]

Remember: Chayechah Kodmim

By Rabbi Robert L. Kravitz – Our world is troubled and crazy. We see armies and guerilla gangs fighting. We watch mass killings on TV. And we try to reconcile this with the U.S. Declaration of Independence’s “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” We’re slammed with too many obligations. We’re pressured by family, work, […]

A Twentieth Anniversary Unlike Any Before It

  – By Rabbi Robert Kravitz A little less than a month ago I commemorated an anniversary. I didn’t throw a party. I didn’t have an elaborate dinner. I didn’t even do anything special. But it was my 20th anniversary. Facing death is not easy. Finding out about a terminal medical problem and not knowing […]

Time Moves Us – Or Do We Move Time?

By Rabbi Robert L. Kravitz – Spring came and went, yesterday. Summer is heading in our direction. So far this year we have seen football, baseball, basketball, golf, soccer and hockey in the space of just a few months. Here it comes, there it goes. Time moves us, or do we move time? Many of […]