Ask Mr. Modem: Farewell, Dear Friends

After more than 30 wonderful years as a writer, I have decided to retire at the end of this year. I know what you’re thinking, “He’s MUCH too young to retire.” Okay, so maybe you are not thinking that, but it’s my final column, so would it kill you to work with me here? Thank […]

Ask Mr. Modem: Sign Out Of Online Accounts

Q. When I go to my online bank accounts and other sites that I have to sign into, does it make any difference whether I sign out or just click the X to leave? I’m thinking it doesn’t make any difference, but what is your opinion, Mr. M? A. Yes, it makes a huge difference. […]

Ask Mr. Modem: Will Older Windows Be Coming Back?

Q. I know that Windows 10 is new and that some people didn’t like Windows 8. Do you think Microsoft will keep this format in the future or will it go back to something like XP or the Windows 7 format? A. Historically, whenever a new operating system makes its debut, there are people who […]

Ask Mr. Modem: Move Photos From Smartphone To PC

Q. Can you recommend a simple program to move pictures from my Android phone to my Windows 7 computer? A. You really don’t need a program or an app to do that. Connect your smartphone to your computer using the USB sync cable that came with your phone or is available for purchase. When the […]

Ask Mr. Modem: Flash Drive Longevity

Q. When I deleted a file, I never received the request for confirmation. It wasn’t a big deal in this case, but I prefer having to confirm any deletions. Do you know why it would do this? I’m using Windows 7. A. It sounds like your Recycle Bin settings may have changed, but it’s easy […]

Ask Mr. Modem: SD Card vs Thumb Drive vs External HD

Q. I’m dithering between purchasing an SD card and a thumb drive for the storage of photos and documents. Is one better than the other or should I get an external hard drive? A. SD cards and thumb drives use the same technology. A thumb or flash drive plugs into a USB port and is […]

Ask Mr. Modem: Network Password? What Network Password?

Q. I forgot my WiFi network password and I’m in a panic. Is there any way to recover it? Help! A. If you are still able to use your WiFi, you can view your saved password by clicking the wireless connection icon on the Taskbar, right-clicking the network you are connected to, then click Properties. […]

Ask Mr. Modem: Transmit Super-Large Files

Q. I have approximately 100 pictures from a recent vacation that I would like to e-mail to others. What program should I use for this? A. Unless you know your intended recipients very well, that’s a lot of photos to inflict upon anybody. One hundred vacation photos equal 400 non-vacation photos to anybody who did […]

Ask Mr. Modem: Why Rebates, Not Discounts?

Q. Why do online companies offer rebates instead of just selling a product at a lower price? It seems like there are always strings attached or restrictions on the rebate check received. A. There are three primary reasons that companies offer rebates: First, the time between the purchase and the rebate can be several months, […]

Ask Mr. Modem: APP-ropriate Permissions

Q. I am concerned about the permissions required when I install apps on my Android phone. They make me wonder if the apps are safe. Should I be concerned? A. In a word, yes. Most Android app installations require special-access permissions, so you have to decide whether a given app is worth allowing them. Many […]