Dog-Eared Review: Nyla’s Curse

By Melanie Tighe –   Nyla’s Curse, the first book in award-winning, Arizona author Michele Venne’s new Roanoak series, is a must-read for fantasy lovers, especially those of us who enjoy a bit of romance. Take one scorned witch, and add seven uniquely powerful brothers, who must find the Others – now. The Others – seven women, […]

Dog-Eared Review: 2035: An Elephant in the Room

By Melanie Tighe – Meet Barth; a free-wheeling, party-hardy, heavy drinkin’ ad man fed up with humanity. Now, join Barth as he finally decides to clean up his act – just in time for the apocalypse. Author J. Franklin Green admits to a bit of autobiographical shenanigans and pleads guilty to overuse of imagination in […]

Dog-Eared Review: Bittersweet Resort

By Melanie Tighe – “Hey, honey. Let’s quit this corporate gig and open up our own business!” When that bug bites you, it’s over. You’re done for, as Dick and Thelma Rea learned the hard way when they purchased a fixer-upper, nine-cabin lakeside resort back in the Ozarks in the 1970’s. Thelma Rea’s Bittersweet Resort […]

Dog-Eared Review: Enemy in the Heartland

By Melanie Tighe – Unlike most authors, Arizona author Stephen Schwertley waited until after he had a stroke to begin his career as a writer. Schwertley’s first novel, Enemy in the Heartland, is a must-read for Tom Clancy or Vince Flynn fans. A strong cast of characters, both good and evil, keep the pages turning as a horrifying terrorist […]

Dog-Eared Review: Flashes of Light on a Dark and Stormy Night

By Melanie Tighe – This month’s review is on a special book brought to you by the writing group at Dog-Eared Pages bookstore. Flashes of Light on a Dark and Stormy Night offers a titillating taste of works by six different authors: Rita Ackerman, Thad Coons, Kat Emmons, Charles L.M. Plumb, Anna Questerly and Michele […]

Dog-Eared Review – Metal Boxes: Trapped Outside

By Melanie Tighe – Local author Alan Black has come up with a novel way to get his newest book, Metal Boxes: Trapped Outside, reviewed. Black actually put me in the book and made me a psychopath. The cool part is, even as a cold killer, I’m still one of the “good guys.” You gotta love […]

Dog-Eared Review: OF ART & AIR by Michele Venné

By Melanie Tighe – If you love romantic suspense, you must read Of Art & Air by Arizona author Michele Venné. This first book in the Tanner trilogy is a complete story and able to stand on its own, but trust me, you’ll want to read her next book, too. In fact, you’ll probably want to […]

Dog-Eared Review: Friends in Deed

By Melanie Tighe – Friends in Deed is the newest release and second book in a series of a new breed of westerns by Arizona author Randall Dale. While Friends in Deed can be read as a standalone novel, I highly recommend Dale’s first book, Pardner’s Trust, to readers for a richer understanding of the […]

Dog-Eared Review: Empty Space

By Melanie Tighe – I’ve been a fan of local and bestselling sci-fi writer Alan Black for years, and his newest release, Empty Space, doesn’t disappoint. I think the best way to describe this novel would be Dexter meets Deep Space Nine. I found myself rooting for Black’s well-written character, York Sixteen, all the way […]

Dog-Eared Review: Like Father, Like Son by Bill Lamperes

By Melanie Tighe – I truly enjoyed Bill Lamperes’ newest release. Like Father, Like Son is a fast-paced treasure hunt, which held my interest all the way to the end. Paul is not amused to learn that his inheritance from his estranged father consists of a bag of old coins, a piece of the Berlin wall, passports from different […]