Relationships: Listening Is Good – Understanding Is Better

By Maria Grazia Swan – Maybe is just a sign of the times, this perpetual multitasking of the brain. We drive with the radio on, the finger on the iPhone-Droid-Blackberry, fill your own blank. If that’s not bad enough, we often have people and pets in the car with us. People and pets we care […]

Fearless After Fifty: Please, Don’t Call Me A Cougar

By Maria Grazia Swan – I find the word cougar misleading and demeaning when used to define women in a relationship with younger men. By calling a woman a cougar we are implying she is a predator, and while I’m sure some of us love the pursuit, the action is not strictly age or genre […]

Fearless After Fifty: The Importance Of Breasts

By Maria Grazia Swan – “A college degree stops being important once you have one,” said my friend Claudia. Made sense to me. I feel the same way about breasts. Let me explain. Most of my life I looked like a boy. I wasn’t thrilled about it. I mean, the big screen stars in Italy […]

Fearless After Fifty: Traveling Solo

By Maria Grazia Swan – Travel is one of my favorite ways to escape. Lately, I’ve been more safety conscious about traveling alone and have adjusted my habits accordingly. There are still fun places that, with planning, can be safe to visit solo. Las Vegas, for one. Choose a centrally located hotel on the strip […]