Male Call: Just The Facts, Ma’am

 By James Roberts – As tax time rolls around we begin to think about make-believe as we try to convince the TurboTax software that our home office really takes up the entire family room and patio spa. So we thought it might be a good time for an antidote of reality with a round of […]

Male Call: Checkin’ Up on You

 By James Roberts – Online dating is a now $2.1 billion industry with more than 1,500 websites ranging from mainstream services like with 96 million registered users (as of 2010, but apparently only 1.4M  to 4.3M active users), eHarmony and OkCupid (5.6M) to more specialized dating sites like JDate, GayRomeo, ChristianMingle, Cougar Life and, […]

Male Call: Serial Adventure

By James Roberts – Among the most current and popular dating clichés which gets our dander up (which is mostly wishful thinking these days) is the concept of “serial dating” – as in “No serial daters!” According to everything I’ve ever heard, the word “serial” should mean: “something that takes place at regular intervals” or […]

Male Call: Straighten Up!

 By James Roberts – Having apparently fought the good fight about bad selfies on your Internet dating profile…and failed miserably…we have a new cause to champion. And we’re pretty sure we’re on track here. We’re talking about posting photos sideways. Really, people. Don’t you ever bother to take a look at your own profile? We’ve […]

Male Call: “Cooling Out” The Date

 By James Roberts – What’s the best way of turning down a suitor, male or female – whether that suitor is an Internet dating correspondent, someone who asks you to dance or someone you just met at an event who wants your phone number? Of course there’s Seinfeld’s Elaine character in Season 9 who gives […]

Male Call: Playing Catch…Up

 By James Roberts – It’s time to put on our urban anthropologist hats and examine that peculiar American institution – the Female Catch Up. By all accounts these meetings involve bonding, gossip, photo exchange and the intimate process of generally finding out what the bestie has been up to in the past 48 to, oh, […]

Male Call: Emotional Sensitivity Delusion Syndrome

 By James Roberts – Now that Valentine’s Day is forthwith, impending and anon, we thought it might be a good time to check out the American Psychiatric Association’s latest Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-5) to see what sort of emotional disorders are about to befall the lovelorn. Alas, the DSM-5 is woefully behind the times […]

Only Santa Gets A “Peak Beard” Pass

 By James Roberts – What is Santa without a beard? That’s like a leprechaun without a green suit. Or a Scottsdale lady without blonde hair and highlights. All right, all right…as an old Arabian saying goes: “Guys who live in bald houses shouldn’t roust their camels for a caravan raid.” (We may not have that […]

Male Call: When The Going Gets Tough

 By James Roberts – We have to fess up to a guilty pleasure: Naked and Afraid. Nooo…not the Male Call Advisory Board on a skinny dipping expedition. We’re talking about a cable TV reality show where two strangers ─ a man and a woman ─ have to take off their clothes and survive in a […]

Male Call: Busted!

 By James Roberts – A couple of weeks ago I was hanging with my peeps at the Kona Grill when a question came up about the Toby Keith’s next door. I pulled out my device and started looking up the info. A neighboring peepette called shenanigans on me for being “one of those people who […]