Male Call: The Ladies Lay Down Rules

 By James Roberts – We recently had occasion to hear some surprisingly firm guidelines for you guys from a group of online-dating ladies about “first meetings,” aka, the “meet ‘n greet.” First off, exactly what is a meet ‘n greet (henceforth MNG) and how does it differ from a “date?” The panel (and we use […]

Male Call: Time Waits For No One

 By James Roberts – The Male Call Advisory Board™ would like to call attention to some avoidable romance-killing waits perpetrated by certain bands, movie moguls and restaurants. Endless dance band codas. OK, so technically a coda is “a concluding musical section that is formally distinct from the main structure,” but many bar bands extend an […]

Male Call: The 12 Days Of Aggravation

By James Roberts – All many of us really want for the holiday gifting season is less aggravation. Here are a few empirical guidelines for you singletons. No use of the word “gifting.” Ok, but seriously… No matter how much holiday fun you’re having, don’t plan an extended vacation together until you’ve endured a road […]

Male Call: 15 Dating Terms That Officially Make You A Cliché

By James Roberts – Sorry ladies, but if you’ve got any of these code words in your online dating profile, you’ve officially entered the Cliché Zone.   “Drama-free.” Along with “no drama” this is probably the #1 cliché dominating dating sites these days. You rarely hear, “Gosh I wish I had a little more drama […]

Male Call: Unselfie Yourselfie

By James Roberts – We went to a Meetup pool party/BBQ the other day and only recognized two people from their profile pix, both of whom we happened to know pretty well. The other 10 were completely unrecognizable. Now, as we understand it, the whole point of a social media site like Meetup is to […]

Male Call: Hacked, Duped And Dumped

By James Roberts – Having been pestered by a series of malware alerts on the Male Call computer, we were fascinated by a story recently related by a friend — we’ll call him “Mick” — who is still puzzling about what happened to him, especially the aftermath. We got the story in dribs and drabs […]

Male Call: Bring Out Your Inner Shrek

By James Roberts – Far be it from us to tell you to bring out your less attractive features on your dating profile, but a provocative TED talk suggests that maybe you should do just that. Now, we’re not talking about how you still live with your mother, how you view every other driver on […]

Male Call: Shave It Or Save It?

By James Roberts – A couple months ago we discussed the personal hygiene issue of men’s hair removal (Oct. 2016 Male Call). This month, just in time for V Day (and we’ll let you decide if that stands for Valentine’s, Victory or Vanquished), we consider the opposite side – hair non-removal, that is, beards v. […]

Male Call: Tats All Folks!

By James Roberts – We have a modest proposal for a holiday gift exchange with your snuggle partner. But first, let’s consider the unsnuggling process. Despite everyone’s belief (and by “everyone” we mean “many people we know”) that about half of marriages end in divorce, it seems that the divorce rate has actually been going […]

Male Call: Hirsute, Hersuit

By James Roberts – I had a chance to talk to a female dating advice writer the other day and guess what? You guys “of a certain age” need to do a couple things if you don’t want to spend the rest of your days in solitary confinement watching golf and fishing on cable TV. […]