God Is Greater Than Any Challenge I Have


By Paul Witkop – What is your challenge today? We all have them. The older we grow, the wiser we become if we realize that despite all of our education, expertise and experience, we don’t have the answers to every problem we encounter. Sooner or later, there comes a challenge that will bring us to […]

Integrity And Honesty – Not So Real Today


By Rabbi Robert L. Kravitz – I shake your hand and the deal is final, done, set, completed. My handshake, and the required signature at the bottom of the page, is all that is needed to attest to the fact that there is now a resolution that both sides agree on. Or is it? Today […]

Make A Decision To Face Your Fears Every Day


By Paul Witkop – The new year does not come for another three months, but I recently started a new exercise program.   The new program involves a new routine and after each workout I am completely drained. Yet, I feel strangely invigorated.  Each day, the voices in my mind wage war.  One voice tells me […]

Restoring Your Soul


By Paul Witkop – The 23rd Psalm is, perhaps, the most well-known scripture passage. My second grade teacher, in a public school, even had us memorize it as classical poetry.  I have been with people who suffer from advanced dementia, who do not know even their own adult kids – and yet, when I begin […]

I’m Buzzed, But I’m Happy


By Rabbi Robert L. Kravitz – My head is a-buzz. Not with bees. Not with the incessant hum of machinery. Not with the background noise of a city. My head is buzzing because I’m exhausted. It’s one thing to be tired from missing a few hours of sleep. It’s another to be in a “zone” […]

What Is Most important?


By Paul Witkop –   How do we determine our highest priorities in life? Jesus told us a rather sobering and direct story to help us with this question. There is a wealthy man whose business was very successful. He asked himself, “What should I do, for I don’t have enough space to store my […]

In A World Of Do It Yourself


By Rabbi Robert L. Kravitz – What a world! On TV, we watch Do-it-Yourself programs. In the large “box stores” we are shown how to do it ourselves. In congregations and religious gatherings we are told how to do it ourselves. Even sports equipment maker Nike says, “Just do it.” If everything were that easy, […]

What/Who Am I Counting On?


By Paul Witkop – We live in difficult times. The financial and housing markets go up and down. We look to the government and the next election for hope – and it’s not there. We live in the most educated, the most technologically advanced culture ever. Yet there are so many people seemingly holding on […]

Every Tomorrow Has A Yesterday Built Into It


By Rabbi Robert L. Kravitz – Memories. Thoughts of the past. Ideas from former actions. Drifting into the ether of yesterdays, composed of memories, recollections. We build on the past. We formulate today on the basis of yesterday, to make a new tomorrow. Each chapter of our book follows a previous page. Every tomorrow has […]

Recognizing Weakness Makes You Stronger


By Paul Witkop – If you have ever watched a Presidential debate, you have heard each of the candidates express confidently that their leadership will make United States strong again. In the political arena, showing or admitting weakness makes a person less likely to be elected. Yet, no one excels at everything. Everyone has weaknesses […]