Undesign: Big Redesign Jobs Start Simply — Just Move Something

By Barbara Kaplan – Question: I am contemplating redecorating my home. I have some furnishings I still like, and other pieces I know I no longer want to live with. I have looked at magazines to figure out what I like now, but I’m confused. The thought of everything I have to consider overwhelms me. […]

A New School Year Means It’s Time to Revamp Study Areas

By Barbara Kaplan – Now that the kids are back in school, what changes do you need to make to your home to accommodate the new academic year? Your children have grown in size, and their maturity level has grown as well. This increase it may require a shift in the space for everyone, because […]

What is Feng Shui & Bajaro?

By Barbara Kaplan – Combining Feng Shui with Bajaro is believed to create the perfect combination of harmonizing the environment in which we live and work. For many people today, home and work, is the same which makes it even more important to understand these two philosophies. Together, they are the most powerful method of […]

Designing For Couples

By Barbara Kaplan – Over the years, I have led many couples on their journey of “couple design discovery.” By connecting their individual vision for their home, they create a style that is unique for them. For this to work, it is essential that both people be involved in the design process. It doesn’t mean […]

Design Trends 2018

By Barbara Kaplan – Interior design trends for 2018 are all over the map. It’s no surprise when you look around the world at what is going on politically, economically and socially. Design is always a reflection of people’s attitudes. It has become a global experience. After 2008 when our economy was suffering, colors were […]

Back Orders: Every Designer’s Worst Nightmare & Picking Paint for Your Walls

By Barbara Kaplan – Q: What happens, when something I have searched endlessly for and chosen is back-ordered or discontinued? A: Although it isn’t frequent, it does happen that something we selected is on back order, which means we must wait for it to come in. Worse case is when something we have ordered has […]

Do You Treat Yourself Well At Home?

By Barbara Kaplan – How do you prefer to live? Do you take the time to treat yourself well at home? Do you do things in your home that make you happy and feel good? Last week I had a conversation with a client about bringing rituals and ceremony into her home. She had read […]

Right-Size Rather Than Down-Size!

By Barbara Kaplan – Many people are becoming empty nesters or retiring and look around at the space they occupy and realize it no longer suits their needs. Less space is needed and the spaces are used differently for things like hobbies, exercise, home offices and meditation and reading rooms. Now is the time to […]

Good Design Is Comfortable Design

By Barbara Kaplan – The single most important characteristic people tell me they want in their home is comfort, and I believe you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for the look you want. Good design comforts — but everyone has a different definition of what comfort means to them. What is warm and comfortable for […]

What Is Bajaro?

By Barbara Kaplan – For most people their home is a refuge – a place where they can forget about the outside world. A place that allows them to go within to create healing for the things they cannot control. This is what I refer to as a person’s “sacred space” or “healing environment.” Everyone […]