Color Can Tell A Story Going Upstairs And Down

By Barbara Kaplan – Q: My husband and I just purchased a new home. We quickly painted the downstairs; it has a casual look with yellow and burnt orange. The couches are covered in blue denim fabric. We haven’t done anything upstairs, except for our baby’s room. Should we tie the downstairs to the upstairs? […]

Design & Lifestyle Market Comes To Scottsdale

Barbara’s Picks has declared February “Love Your Home Month,” and for one day only, Saturday, February 27, more than 30 design and lifestyle vendors will come together at Allstate Appliances at 15250 North Hayden Road in Scottsdale to showcase their products and services to the public. Known as Barbara’s Picks, each of these vendors are […]

Mirrors, Mirrors On The Wall – Reflect It All

By Barbara Kaplan – Mirrors create a wonderful design effect. They can make a significant difference in a room. When selecting the use and placement of a mirror, consider two things: function and aesthetic. The most important consideration in deciding where a mirror should be placed is “what is being reflected in the mirror?” Whatever […]

See The Humor In Interior Design

By Barbara Kaplan – Thank goodness for beginnings and endings. I always welcome them because I can get so caught up in life that I don’t know how to stop feeling like I’m on a carousel. It’s important to have a beginning and an ending to mark the time, to stop and take a breath. […]

Holidays Speak To Us Through The Decorations We Cherish

By Barbara Kaplan – As I was putting my Halloween decorations out this year, I thought what a pleasure it gives me to have these symbols of the holidays. The pieces I’ve chosen have become sweet memories. For instance, I have a large white porcelain pumpkin that matches my black-and-white home. I adorn it with […]

Putting Personality Into Your Rooms

By Barbara Kaplan – I recently held a forum for consumers to discuss their design issues. Here is some of the conversation and questions we had. Q: I would love to use some bold patterns on my upholstery. What do I have to know to successfully do this? A: Using big, bold patterns definitely makes […]

Put The Plan On Paper Before Moving In The Furniture

By Barbara Kaplan – Q: I’m going to decorate a room in my home. Is it important to do a furniture layout (plan) of my room before buying the first piece of furniture?  A: Yes, it is necessary. From the moment you begin a project to placing the last piece, you must consider the total […]

Art: Part Two

By Barbara Kaplan – Art can change everything in a room. When moving into a new home, it may feel uncomfortable, incomplete and not like home until the art is hung on the walls or the pedestals or statues are placed. Then all of a sudden the space is transformed and comes alive. There is […]

Art: Make It “Your” Choice

By Barbara Kaplan – Art was probably the first word I said as a baby…or so it seems. My parents were antiques importers and I grew up with 18th and 19th century incredible artifacts. It was after WWII and my father would travel to Germany and France to buy antiques. So I truly grew up […]

Change Your Decorating Choices, Change Your Life

By Barbara Kaplan – When buying a new home or redecorating an existing home, personal transition is happening. This can be overwhelming, as well as being an exciting time of new beginnings. Change requires a deeper look at personal needs and wants. A release from the past, to a shift into new directions. Often we […]