Arizona Governor Announces New Restrictions Amid Rise in COVID-19 Cases — Bars, gyms and other businesses to pause operations effective 8pm tonight

“Arm yourself with a mask. It’s your best defense against this virus.” — Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey

At a press conference this afternoon, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey announced new statewide restrictions as positive COVID-19 numbers continue to rise.

Executive Order 2020-43: Pausing of Arizona’s Reopening — Slowing the Spread of COVID-19, includes pausing operations of bars, indoor gyms, fitness clubs or centers, indoor movie theaters, waterparks and tubing operations, effective 8pm tonight, June 29. The state has a “targeted” reopening date of July 27.

The governor stated that, “This will help relieve stress on our health care system and give time for new transmissions to slow.”

Today’s announcement stated that in order to reopen, the establishments must attest to and adhere to all public health regulations, and post it for the public to see. The governor said that enforcement will be led by local public health officials and local authorities.

The Executive Order also limits mass gatherings.

“Effective June 29, 2020, organized public events of more than 50 people are prohibited unless the city, town or county in unincorporated areas has approved the event, and only if adequate safety precautions are implemented, including physical distancing measures.”

Guidance is also offered for public and private pools. Read the full Executive Order here:

Also issued today is Executive Order 2020-44: Protecting Public Health for Students and Teachers. The Order delays the start of in-person classes for the school year that begins July 1 until Aug. 17, “but schools may begin the school year on their regularly planned start date prior to August 17, 2020 through distance learning.”

The governor stressed that Aug. 17 is an “aspirational” date and that State Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman continues to work with district superintendents and other stakeholders on plans to educate students safely this school year.

Read the full Executive Order here:

Dr. Cara Christ, director of Arizona Department of Health Services, provided updated guidance for Independence Day, encouraging residents to celebrate with “immediate household or daily contacts” and to protect vulnerable family members and friends by sharing time virtually.

She also shared that the state is partnering with Banner Health and Arizona State University**, among others, to increase availability and timeliness of testing statewide.

Also announced today, by the end of this week, the state will have in place a program to provide access to masks for every Arizonan.*

Ducey closed the press conference with this reminder: “Arm yourself with a mask. It’s your best defense against this virus.”

WATCH today’s press conference in its entirety here. |CST

[*This story is developing and will be updated.]

[** Link updated July 9, 2020.]


  1. Cindy Calenti says:

    I would like to know how it is that public swimming pools are allowed to remain open under these new restrictions. Currently Chandler Parks and Recreation has decided that allowing only 50 people in at a time and changing groups of 50 every two hours complies with the new mandate. Still looks to me like hundreds of young children and their parents will be NOT “social distancing” and thus risk infecting one another. How will this help stop the spread? If classrooms can’t be opened, how are public pools still operational?

    Next loop hole… dance studios across the State have decided they are not gyms per say. Hence they remain open. So up to 49 children are currently dancing ( breathing heavily) in an small enclosed and poorly ventilated area. Where are the limits here and how is this in the best interest of children and families?

    It bad enough that Gov. Ducey allowed and facilitated the crisis we are currently experiencing. But to then place restrictions that are so poorly worded and so full of loop holes that the end game will never be met, is a crime. Looks to me like the restrictions were noting more than an placebo designed to get national media and state mayors and supervisors off Ducey’s back.

    Yes, Ducey is right… our numbers will continue to get worse, largely because of the Governor’s lack of action, fortitude, and ability to govern with the safety of Arizonans in mind.

  2. Juan Marazal says:

    children are the least likely to contract this, almost negligible

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