A Most Important Season


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By Rabbi Robert L. Kravitz, D.D. 

So here we are again. The season of Jewish High Holy Days and Festivals has concluded, with hope and joy. November brings us closer to another set of holidays, another season… Of shopping and parties and good wishes, beginning with Thanksgiving Day modeled after the Jewish (harvest) festival of Sukkot.

Prior to a single day of thanksgiving, we will have a day of voting…and exercising our significant privilege as Americans to participate in the formulation of our government. How many will register, and more importantly how many will actually vote, is now the critical issue for our American democracy.

Americans — and others around the planet — will spend millions of dollars to buy products for themselves and others that have little lasting value beyond “the season.” Granted some gifting is more long-lasting, but much is purchased because we feel it necessary to do so. Much thought goes into that gift. Little time is granted to the value of voting, and its existential impact and potential to change everyone’s life.

When we vote, we become participants in the future of our country, and its future relationships around the world. When we vote, we need to take a little time in evaluating the nature of the candidates, the issues, the initiatives on our ballots. That is time well spent, and critical.

So, it’s a new season. Not the toys and games and perfumes season, but the season of democracy. The season that will impact our world well beyond our time on this planet. What we vote for, for whom we cast ballots, how we view our participation in America’s most sacred requirement will show our friends, families and people of the world whether we care or whether we don’t give a damn.

Let us also make this new season a valuable one. Register and VOTE!

Rabbi Robert L. Kravitz, D.D., is known Valley-wide for his more than three decades of support for civil and human rights, and the positive efforts of law enforcement. A volunteer police chaplain, he regularly lectures on related subjects, while working part-time as Hospital Chaplaincy Coordinator for Jewish Family & Children’s Service. Contact him at rrlkdd@hotmail.com.

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