City of Phoenix Special Election Slated For Aug. 27 — Voter Registration Deadline is July 29

The City of Phoenix will conduct a Special Election Tuesday, Aug. 27, in whi​​​ch registered voters will decide on two ballot measures that propose to amend City Charter provisions pertaining to Pensions and Light Rail. Early voting will begin July 31.

The first measure, Proposition 105, is a proposed Charter Amendment submitted by Initiative I-4-18 pertaining to Light Rail.

The second measure, Proposition 106, is a proposed Charter Amendment submitted by Initiative I-1-18 pertaining to City of Phoenix Pensions.

​​​​Voters in City of Phoenix elections are not required to vote at a specified polling place in the voter’s precinct. Voters can use any of the voting centers to cast a ballot. The voting centers will be open for voting for three days. This method of voting is only available for City of Phoenix elections. For faster service, voters are encouraged to bring their driver license, state-issued identification card or voter identification card.

The voting centers for this election will be open for three days:

  • Saturday, Aug. 24, from 10am to 4pm
  • Monday, Aug. 26, from 9am to 6pm​
  • Tuesday, Aug. 27 (Election Day) from 6am to 7pm

A Publicity Pamphlet with additional information on both measures is available online, as is additional information about City of Phoenix elections.

Those who are not already registered to vote, July 29 is the last day to register in order to participate in the Aug. 27 Special Election. To register to vote in this and future elections, visit and click on the “Voter Registration” link.

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