Tech4Life Presents Cyber Security Workshop at Desert Foothills Library

Ransomware, identity theft, password hacking… Tech4Life says that small business owners and affluent households are prime targets for these cyber crimes, and the company wants to help Valley residents avoid becoming a victim:

  • 22 major public sector ransomware attacks in the first quarter of 2019
  • Standard Wi-Fi routers now put users at major risks
  • Customized phishing emails and malware encrypt all of one’s devices with ransomware
  • Strong, secure passwords are not optional in 2019
  • Workstations and devices (both PC & Mac) are the primary victims
  • Ransomware attack software is offered as a do-it-yourself service on the dark web
  • Any internet connected device can infect you
  • Cities, airports and even hospitals have already been attacked in 2019

Tech4Life ( has 15 years’ experience protecting clients from cyber criminals. With this class, participants will fully understand all of the current risks and terminology, receive four key strategies to protect the office or household, experience hardware and software solutions firsthand and decide on the password strategy that works.

The Cyber Security Workshop will be held Thursday, Aug. 1, 9:30–11am. Tickets cost $44 and are available at or by calling 480.488.2286. Desert Foothills Library is located at 38443 North Schoolhouse Road in Cave Creek.

Photo by Visual Content on / CC BY

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