Social Security Benefit Workshops Scheduled

The Area Agency on Aging will conduct workshops in June and July to provide information for anyone with questions or concerns about Social Security benefits. There is no charge, but registration is recommended for the workshops, held 3–5pm June 28 and July 26 at AGEconnect on 7th, 2950 North 7th Street in Phoenix.

A presentation about benefits by Social Security Administration Public Affairs Specialist Jack Burns will take place during the first hour with a question-and-answer session to follow. Burns also will explain how to apply for benefits.

To reserve a seat, call the Area Agency’s 24-hour senior help line at 602.264.4357 or visit

The 24-hour senior help line is an information and assistance resource to help individuals determine how best to address their issues and identify resources or services to meet their needs. Staff members can answer questions about transportation, housing, long-term care, home delivered meals, home care and other services. To reach the help line, call 602.264.4357 or toll free at 888.783.7500. For hard of hearing and deaf individuals, text 520.775.1899.

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