Bring Personality into a Room with Eye-Catching Collectible Displays

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By Barbara Kaplan –

Q: My home décor is eclectic. I like the feeling and would like to keep all the fun accents I’ve collected. However, I would like to redecorate so my collections make more of a statement. Should I do it with color, new furniture or lighting? What will give me the quickest, most cost-effective change?

Also, is it possible to blend ethnic art and collectibles?

A: The list of what humans collect is endless. We collect whatever turns us on or what we want to put our energy into collecting.

Perhaps they are inherited pieces that have memories attached.

Or, they might be items we purchased on our travels. Even though some might not understand why we collect particular things, they have meaning and sentiment to us.

Some collections also have value from a financial standpoint, such as art glass, porcelain birds, music boxes and so many more.

Anything you might decide to collect has either a visual, monetary, conceptual or sentimental appeal.

I often get asked, “How do I display my collection so that it blends with my décor?” Now is the time to use your creativity.

First, consider the display space you have in your home or office. Next, decide how you want your collection displayed, and then on the color for the background. Your background can make a big difference as to the impact of how your collection will be seen.

For example, if most of the pieces are light, the wall behind the collection can be dark. I once placed shelves on a dark fuchsia background for a client who had an extensive Iladro collection.

Conversely, if most of the pieces are dark, use a light or bright color for your background.

Another consideration is whether your collection has to be protected from the elements. If so, choose a display cabinet to go with your furnishings. Be sure the shelves are sized to accommodate your pieces. You don’t want to put small pieces on large shelves, because they will get lost. Don’t forget the background color of the cabinet.

Lighting is important, no matter where or how the collection is displayed. In a display cabinet, things are harder to see, so lighting inside the cabinet is essential. If the pieces are exposed, lighting can be directed right on the pieces from track, cable or recess cans.

To make the greatest impact, create an unexpected arrangement or shelf. An unusual arrangement is always intriguing.

The way to accomplish this is in how you group your collection. When the pieces are grouped appropriately or unusually, they appear more important and impressive.

If your grouping is to be hung on the wall, begin by laying it out on the floor. Move the pieces around so they relate to each other in size, color or shape. If there is a particular theme, such as pictures of boats, you can hang the pictures using little anchors to hold the wire to enhance the theme.

Optional: Nothing in your home can say more about you than your collection of chosen objects. You made a decision how you want to devote time and space.

You are making a statement about your personal preferences. So be sure that when you decide how you want your collection displayed, your decisions come from your heart, because rooms have no feelings, you do!

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