Dog-Eared Review: Breaking Eselda

melanie_headshotBy Melanie Tighe –

Fantasy readers, get ready for a brand new original series…welcome to the kingdom of Fraun! Arizona’s own Tabatha Shipley’s debut novel, Breaking Eselda, is mesmerizing, a can’t-put-it-down tale woven with intrigue and discovery that keeps getting better with each turn of the page.

When Eselda’s father, King of Enchenda falls ill, it’s up to the young princess to claim her seat on the Council of Fraun, along with the other rulers of the five realms: the King of Strength, the King of Wisdom, the King of Mirth and the King of Speed. That’s all I’m going to tell you, because there are too many spoilers!

Breaking Eselda is a unique and imaginative tale, probably written more for teenager and young adults, but this— let’s just say mature — reader truly enjoyed.

Melanie Tighe, with Dog-Eared Pages bookstore in North Phoenix, enjoys reviewing books by local authors. This book and many more by talented Arizona authors are available at Dog-Eared Pages (just south of Bell Road on 32nd Street.) 



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