Cave Creek Mayor Bunch Writes… JUNE 2018

Mayor Bunch Writes…

Public Service To Your Community Shouldn’t Take A Short-Term View

Many of us are here in Cave Creek for the open space, its rural nature and the funkiness of the town. It’s what attracted us here and sets us apart from the rest of the Valley. But the reality of running a town requires the ability to generate the revenues necessary to protect and provide quality services to its residents. Two-thirds of the revenues generated in Cave Creek come from sales tax with the balance from a variety of other sources. Our challenge is clear, “How do we preserve the unique characteristics of the town we love, while generating the revenues necessary to keep it financially sustainable.” This challenge has faced every administration, past and present, but it’s the future administration that must balance these realities as we move forward.

In 1972, I was towing a boat to Bartlett Lake and stopped at the intersection of Cave Creek Road and Carefree Highway. I was only 18 but realized at that time that this intersection will be an important part of Cave Creek’s future. Since that time, Carefree Highway has developed into a commercial corridor providing our residents the convenience of national retailers and the Town the benefit of the sales tax revenues they generate. This allows us to develop the Town Core with local businesses and smart growth opportunities that add to its uniqueness and vitality. The duality of the Carefree Highway and the Town Core as unique and separate commercial centers is a blessing for Cave Creek.

As a councilman, 10 years ago we created an overlay for specific residential properties fronting on Cave Creek Road and Carefree Highway. This legislation made easy the rezoning of those properties for commercial development and in turn enticed retailers. This legislation has resulted in Tractor Supply, Auto Zone and Starbucks, with more to come. This economic development tool took nearly 10 years to be utilized and will be used for 20 years to come, offering additional convenience and tax revenues, while allowing the Town Core to grow funkier, more unique and truly Cave Creek.

Water, sewer, zoning, growth or no-growth are some of the issues that face the Town of Cave Creek as we move forward. Juggling and prioritizing these issues will be daunting task and one that requires education, collaboration and respect for the town, its residents and the people who serve…past, present and future.

Quiet leadership and true public service to your community doesn’t boast of its accomplishments nor does it wallow in is shortcomings; instead it sets a vision for the future and moves forward.

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