No Right To Die — A Life-Saving Mission


Meet Zeus, a 1 ½-year-old German Shepherd found tied to a tree, without food and water, near the dog park in Fountain Hills this past April. Because of his aggressive demeanor, Zeus had to be taken to Maricopa County Animal Care and Control where, within a week, he found himself on the euthanasia list. Zeus’ story was quickly shared on social media with pleas from the community for someone to help him.

Domenic Anthony, owner of Shelter Paws Rescue, quickly stepped in and began to visit with Zeus. Using his experience working with dogs that have aggression and other behavior issues, within three visits he became the only person Zeus would befriend. With the help of donations from the community, Anthony raised enough funds to offer Zeus the proper bedding, food, supplies and behavior training that he would need. Reluctant however, because Shelter Paws has reached its capacity for taking in more dogs, Anthony picked up Zeus from the county facility. On the drive home, they stopped off for a “Freedom Burger.” Zeus’ story has a happy ending.

Unfortunately, they don’t all end up that way. At the same time, another German Shepherd named Ruger was also on the e-list. Ruger was euthanized only a week after Zeus almost met the same fate, along with several other dogs. The reason, space restrictions and no available fosters at Shelter Paws Rescue. Because of behavioral problems, County deemed Ruger unadoptable. There simply aren’t enough resources to rehabilitate these animals and bring them back to love. Anthony, unique in his training and compassion for aggression animals, is often their only hope.

Domenic and Lucky

“Had I not stepped up, I’m fairly confident all of these amazing animals would not be with us today,” Anthony says. “At this point, I am full and cannot help any further pups until I have somewhere to take them … I’m saddened knowing that many dogs will end up getting euthanized, that I could otherwise save.”

Donations Desperately Needed

Shelter Paws Rescue was founded on the principle of “saving the truly unwanted and creating amazing transformations through patience, love, faith, and lots of hard work.” The rescue is committed to every animal until the end of life. Donations are urgently needed to furnish and supply a new rental building that will help house these animals and save a few more on the e-list — while funds are continuously being collected to build a sanctuary on a 10-acre lot in North Scottsdale purchased by Anthony.

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