Cave Creek Mayor Bunch Writes… MAY 2018

Mayor Bunch Writes…

May is upon us. The fall colors of out-of-state license plates have severely diminished. It’s hot and getting hotter as the month goes on. April and “Bike Week” is in the rearview mirror.

Speaking of which, I am in receipt of correspondence complaining about the activities and congestion in Cave Creek during this event.

Arizona Bike Week started out as a proclamation by the governor. I don’t know which Arizona governor started it, but it is here to stay.

When the economy began to tank in 2007 and went really bad in 2008, I’m told that our former long-term town manager encouraged the owner of The Hideaway to make this an event in Cave Creek as well. This was to help replenish Town revenues that were going to be lost because of the economic downturn.

Since that time Bike Week has continued to contribute to the Town’s revenues through sales tax. While individual sales tax numbers are protected from prying eyes by state law and I am not privy to actual individual businesses numbers, I am told that there is a bump in revenue to the Town of somewhere between $30K and $50K that had not been realized prior to the local businesses taking advantage of the event.

I know it is an inconvenience to our residents and some of the behavior is not what we would wish for our town but, as long as nothing illegal is taking place the broadness of the First Amendment takes precedence.

The deputies and traffic control costs are not born by the Town but are covered by the businesses that benefit from the event.

If you look closely at your property tax statement, you will not find a line item that goes directly to your town. That is because there isn’t a property tax that supports Cave Creek.

A huge amount of the town’s revenues come from sales tax, so the continued success of our town hinges on the success of the businesses.

Imagine if you will just exactly what would happen if we did not allow the advance preparations of traffic control and Security with this event. The organized chaos that you perceive would be very, very real.

As May comes upon us, those businesses that have behaved like the ant and not the grasshopper will still be here when the fall colors of license plates begin to once again change.

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