Mayor Peterson Writes… APRIL 2018

‘Residences at Sundial Circle’ Proposed For Downtown Carefree

Many of you are aware of the Azil Development project that was approved last fall for the property immediately adjacent to the Spirit in the Desert Retreat Center, located in the Downtown Carefree area. That project was proposed as luxury apartments, but it had to be terminated because of the lack of available financing for luxury apartments and no comparable developments in the nearby area.

Azil Development continued to be interested in doing business in Carefree and has revamped their plans to better meet current market conditions. Azil has now returned to Carefree and is looking to develop the property on Easy Street between the Sundial and the Post Office building, as a luxury condominium development. Just recently, on March 6, the Town Council approved Azil’s new proposed development called The Residences at Sundial Circle.

We are delighted to see continuing investment interest in the Downtown Carefree area, and that the market remains strong for these type of development projects. Many residents have expressed their desire to “downsize” from their current residences in the Desert Foothills, and this project may fulfill the desires expressed by many of them. The proposal compliments the area, and the developer is committed to a quality project offering architecture that compliments Downtown Carefree. People attract people, and we need sustainable activity in the downtown area to continue the revitalization of the entire area, including enhancing the shopping experience and restaurant visitations.

Contingent upon the finalization of the financing in progress, the architectural design for the building is committed to showcasing the Sundial and adding to the ambiance of the downtown area. The luxury building would contain 50 condominium units with high-end finishes, offering two to three bedrooms, at an average size of 3,000 square feet, and with each residential unit having its own parking space(s). Prices will range from below $1 million to $1.3 million. The building will focus upon the historic Sundial and feature a “walk under” waterfall at the entrance to the lobby that is similar to the waterfall in the Carefree Desert Gardens. Each unit will feature a spacious covered “outdoor living” area, offering residents privacy and unsurpassed views of either the downtown area or the surrounding mountains. Private parking will be underground, with some additional parking spaces available to residents.

I anticipate the next steps will be review of the architectural plans by the Development Review Board, followed by a review by the Carefree Town Council. If you desire more information, visit, or contact Town Hall at 480.488.3686 and I’d be happy to schedule a meeting with your respective HOA to discuss the future of our beautiful town.

To learn more about the Town of Carefree, call 480.488.3686 or visit

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