Mayor Bunch Writes… APRIL 2018

Mayor Bunch Writes…

OK, here we are again. April already! As usual I’ll tell you there is always something fun happening in Cave Creek. So, come on up and experience it for yourselves.

On another note, I’ll climb up on my soapbox yet again to discuss something important to the entire state.

There is a move afoot to place on the ballot an item that would require electric utilities in Arizona to supply 50 percent of our electricity from renewable energy. On the surface, this is a great idea but, it falls very short on the implementation side. There simply is NOT a reliable source of storage for renewables that would ensure that we don’t have “brownouts” during the heat of summer. Technology solutions for longer term storage have not been discovered or invented yet. I’m sure it’s coming, and society will demand more renewables when those issues are solved but, it’s not ready for prime time just yet.

It might surprise many people to discover just how much power is generated by nuclear plants in Europe and they’re way ahead of us with renewables and cutting-edge building methods.

Passage of this ballot issue will severely curtail the usage of the Palo Verde nuclear power plant.

Fifty percent renewables for Arizona is a good idea whose time has not yet come!

Please don’t sign the petition or we’ll end up with another emotional issue possibly passed by voters who don’t understand the intricacies involved!

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