New Art Exhibit Exposes The Scars Of PTSD

Brad – one of the veterans featured in“PTSD, The Invisible Scar”

A new art exhibit, “PTSD, The Invisible Scar,” focuses on veterans who have been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, PTSD. Created by Christopher Oshana, the photographic and video graphic documentary project invites the viewer to look beyond the facades and inside the private lives of just a few veterans who suffer from PTSD.

“As a retired Navy veteran and photographer, I was able to bridge the gap between these worlds and expose the invisible scars that these brave men and women bare,” says Oshana. “The purpose of this project is to show the public that there are scars from combat other than the visible scars. We want the viewer to know that even though these Veterans have come back in one piece visually, they are still fighting the war and memories of our comrades.”

“Allowing these individuals to open up about their struggles, as the artist, I have been able to capture incredibly emotional charged moments. Capturing their photographs helped some of these veterans to heal, as I spoke extensively with each veteran, learning their stories, I captured a pure image that has related to the sacrifice and suffering they endure.”

The exhibition asks the viewer to take a moment and try understanding what these veterans have gone through. One viewer and photographer, Bill Nash, commented on the project saying it was “a peek behind the masks and the facades, under the duct tape of emotional patchwork of those who served, at the fragile people who walk among us with untold stories and sometimes self-imposed alienation; I’ve never seen work like this, and I’ll probably never forget it.”

An opening reception will be held June 2 at Public Image, 333 East Roosevelt Street in Downtown Phoenix. The exhibit runs June 2 – July 5, 6–10pm.


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