Find Time To Re-create…You Need It

Pastor Paul Witkop– By Pastor Paul Witkop

Your life is a delicate balancing act. Our activities include work, family relationships, home repairs, laundry and other chores, exercise, recreation, worship, volunteering and eating. One newspaper polled experts from all these arenas as to the minimum daily requirement for each category. These minimum daily requirements totaled 35 hours. Ugh!

Yet, God has created each of us and has a plan and a purpose for our lives. Vitally important to God’s plan is balance…work, family, recreation, worship, study, exercise. All are important. All are God’s gifts. All of us struggle with maintaining a strategic healthy balance.

God has given us daily labor, a way for each of us to spend our few years on this earth doing something meaningful, a way for us to invest our lives. He wants us to live fruitful lives. Like so many of His gifts, God saw the potential for abuse of this gift. Out of God’s great love for us and earnest desire that we live life to the fullest, God gave us another gift. It is the gift of Sabbath…the third commandment says remember the Sabbath by keeping it holy.

God established a rhythm to life that says work six days and then spend a day doing something different that energizes and recharges you. We all need a rest. We all need a day to gather with others to worship and encourage each other. We even need to get away for more than day, to take a weekend or a week or two to spend time in re-creation. My family and I love to go to the mountains or to the ocean for a true time away from the daily routines. I can even take a mini-vacation in the middle of the day. When I find myself losing perspective, I take a five-minute vacation and simply walk…to recharge and ask God to reset my heart. I come back with a fresh perspective and creative energy for my daily labor, a new desire to be loving and patient with the people around me and a fresh appreciation for life, in general.

May God help you make the month of June your time to re-establish this necessary gift of Sabbath in your life.

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