God Is Greater

Pastor Paul Witkop

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By Paul Witkop –

Discouragement is rampant these days. You could be in a very tough time right now…you or somebody close could be out of work…your finances might not be adding up…your marriage might be very broken…you might have medical challenges or even challenges with your parents or your children.

None of us will escape difficult times. King David in the Bible experienced the highs and lows of life. David was a strong king, a fierce general, a talented musician and a brilliant poet. However, beginning in I Samuel 19, we see that David runs through a streak of incredible hardship. First, he loses his job. Then his wife leaves him for another man. His life-long mentor dies. Finally, he is separated from his best friend. All of this happened in a very short period of time. David is so discouraged that cannot face life so he flees to a cave, depressed, seemingly alone and questioning whether God really loved him.

Even if you find yourself in a cave today, there is the good news…God is greater than your discouragement. God met David in the cave. Though David was very depressed, he cries out to God that God would deliver him (read Psalm 142). God’s answer was not an immediate change of circumstances. Instead, God helped David identify his need. David prayed and God gave David the courage to avoid the temptation to resort to destructive behavior, to seek revenge or even to harm himself. God gave David the daily strength he needed – small step by small step.

Jesus knows about caves. People who wanted to get rid of him forever put him on a cross and then put him in a cave. They thought they had succeeded but again, God was at work in the cave. The cave is the place where God resurrects dead things – dead lives, dead hopes, dead dreams, and dead relationships. Maybe you need a resurrection in your life this Easter season. Find a faith-filled church and a person you can trust to help you. Put your trust in the resurrected Jesus who promises to lead you out of the cave and defeat discouragement if you will let Him.

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