Spring Reflection

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By Barbara Kaplan –

As Spring begins it is a time for reflection. I also find it hard to work and stay focused because I want to stop for a short time. I want to stop doing and just be. When anticipating Spring, I think about how I can make my life better. I also look around and see if my house is in order. It’s when I think about how I have integrated my personal interior and exterior to give me a home that is truly a place I call “my sanctuary.”

Using today’s technological terminology, we might call it a reboot. We simply shut down our computers and start them again. This is what we can do with our lives, too. It’s time to take a moment to stop and take stock of where we are.

  • Have we gone numb to our surroundings?
  • Do we take our environment for granted?
  • Have we made the most of the opportunities we have to create our own personal healing environments?

Many clients come to me for that very reason. They want to create a place where they can reboot, regenerate, or just have some downtime. Of course, this means different things to different people. How do you reboot? How do you stop your world and get off for a short time before getting on again?

Perhaps it’s the new season, but I feel the need to write this personal column to you. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to communicate with you these past months. I hope you’ve enjoyed the information I’ve shared. I want to thank those of you who have taken the time to contact me. We’ve had fun e-mailing and talking about design.

Being able to reach so many people at one time is awesome and overwhelming. I sit and write all by myself at my computer, not realizing the impact of my words. Then I meet one of you and you quote something I have said in the column and tell me how it has affected your life and lifestyle.

I look forward to communicating with you in all the seasons. I would love to hear from more of you so I can furnish information that has meaning for you. Let me know what’s in your hearts and minds. I’ll continue to answer your questions and continue to ask questions so that you can find your own answers.

Lastly, I want to explain why I keep writing that “Rooms have no feelings, you do!” All that means is that you are the most important part of the equation when decorating. Rooms don’t care how you decorate them. Only you care how your rooms look and feel. So follow your heart – and if it feels right, it is right.

Thanks for all your questions. If I use your question in this column I will send you a free, autographed copy of my book The Bajaro Method: Rooms Have No Feelings, YOU Do!

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