“Don’t Give Up Hope”

Carefree discovers New Year’s inspiration

hope-floats2The Town of Carefree welcomed in the New Year with a heartfelt art installment by actor/director/artist Jack Millard of his “Little Boat of Hope,” which was found by town staff along the reflecting pool in the Desert Gardens underneath the iconic Carefree Sundial on the morning of January 4, 2017.

hope-floats3“Town staff discovered the little boats along the edge of the reflecting pool at the Carefree Sundial and weren’t sure what the mini intricately handcrafted boats meant and who left them in the garden. Upon a closer look we noticed a message in a bottle tied to the sail of the boat that says, “don’t give up hope.” “One of our staff members recently lost her mother expectantly and was instantly drawn to the boats and considered them to be an inspiration and symbol of hope,” explained Director of Marketing Gina Kaegi. “After posting the display on Facebook, we have been getting requests from locals who say they know someone who could use a little boat and hope that Jack leaves more in the garden.”


Carefree Town staff Kandace French and Vicki Zimmerman discover the Little Boats of Hope in the reflecting pool at the Carefree Sundial.

Found all over the world by unsuspecting onlookers, the art installment titled “Little Boats of Hope – a Voyage Through Grief” is a dedication from Millard who lost his wife to a tragic drunk driving accident on New Year’s Day, 2013, while also battling stage IV breast cancer. Her death has taught Jack the power of joy, laughter, faith and hope inspiring him to launch whole fleets of the boats in Paris, New York and other parts of the world.  He recently finished a series of three videos on You Tube that explains his journey and the power of hope. His journey can be found at www.youtube.com/user/actorjackmillard1.

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