Phoenix Fruit Tree Program Has Deep Roots

fruittreeprogramGreg Peterson, owner of The Urban Farm, wants to help the Valley become more sustainable – one fruit tree at a time.

As part of its annual Fruit Tree Program, The Urban Farm is gearing up for its fruit tree pop-up nursery events, with thousands of trees set to arrive in Phoenix this month. Residents can choose from a selection of deciduous (apples, peaches, apricots, plums, figs, berries) and citrus like lemons, limes or blood oranges. Tropical fruit trees such as guavas, Barbados cherries and Arizona avocado trees will also be available.

fruittreeprogram2“I am really excited about all that The Urban Farm has to offer,” says Peterson. “I hand select trees that will continue to grow and provide food for you year after year.”

Over the last 27 years, Peterson has made a name for himself in the urban farming and gardening community, transforming his one-third-acre home into what is known as The Urban Farm.

At the pop-up nursery, Peterson will answer questions throughout the day and offer tips on how to plant and nurture new trees. Gardening supplies will also be available for purchase. Vilardi Gardens ( will be on hand to offer other plants and vegetables for resident landscape.

“I have helped plant more than 15,000 fruit trees around the Valley and I know we have thousands and thousands more to go,” says Peterson.

Deciduous trees will be delivered in January; deciduous, citrus and tropical trees will be available in February and March. For complete details, visit

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