Review: Thirteenth A VAMPIRE’S TALE Soars To New Heights

avampirestale_2015– By Caitlin C. Miller

The legend of the vampire is old. And sometimes, it all feels a little old. And especially after a decade of sparkly posers and defanged movie adaptions, vampire fatigue is a real condition. Enter Lisa Starry. In her hands, old becomes timeless. For thirteen years, A Vampire’s Tale has delivered thrills and chills to audiences in the Valley and the United Kingdom, both at the Bram Stoker International Film Festival (dedicated to the man who gave us Dracula) and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

_mg_4602-edit-2Perhaps people reading this review have seen it before, even in the past year or so, and perhaps they think there is nothing new to be seen. But this is not the show it was. There is a new energy in Vampire. You can feel it in every movement undertaken by the extraordinary performers of Scorpius Dance Theatre. They explore the depths of undead emotion and drama with new choreography, telling a more complex story than it did before. It soars to new heights with expanded aerial acrobatic performances, adding storytelling to the spectacle with a new piece on the lyra (aerial hoop) featuring Vampire veteran Haydehn Tuipulotu and the new Innocent, the human dinner (guest), Martha Hernandez. Also new this year is Louis Farber, taking on the role of the Strange Man. He is an odd guide on our tour of the world of the children of the night, eliciting laughs and terror in equal measure. Every member of the cast, from the Queen to the aerialists to the newest members of the ensemble, is gifted with the ability to wrap the audience around their fingers, filling them with a sense of wonder and drawing them into a dark place, filled with danger. It’s unsettling, and the audience adores it.

Warning: contains mature themes, loud music and flashing lights.

A Vampire’s Tale runs through November 5 at Phoenix Theatre’s Hormel Theatre: 100 East McDowell Road, Phoenix. For more information or to purchase tickets, call the Phoenix Theatre box office at 602.254.2151 or visit

Photos: Rose Torres


  1. Janis Wood says:

    I have seen A Vampire’s Tale for the past three years and this year’s was the absolute best. The talent of the dancer’s is absolutely breathtaking and you can feel their emotion and dedication to their craft. A great gift to the Valley and definitely worthy of your attendance and support.

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