Dog-Eared Review: Bittersweet Resort

melanie_headshotBy Melanie Tighe –Thelma Rea book

“Hey, honey. Let’s quit this corporate gig and open up our own business!”

When that bug bites you, it’s over. You’re done for, as Dick and Thelma Rea learned the hard way when they purchased a fixer-upper, nine-cabin lakeside resort back in the Ozarks in the 1970’s.

Thelma Rea’s Bittersweet Resort chronicles the ups, downs, ins, and outs of running a family-owned business with humor, love and a surprising amount of snark. A must-read for anyone contemplating making a break for it. Don’t say you weren’t warned and remember not to sign any papers until you read Bittersweet Resort.

Melanie Tighe, with Dog-Eared Pages bookstore in North Phoenix, enjoys reviewing books by local authors. This book and many more by talented Arizona authors are available at Dog-Eared Pages (just south of Bell Road on 32nd Street.) 


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