Male Call: Photo Oops


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By James Roberts

One of the continuing annoyances on social media sites like Meetup is people’s aggravating insistence on either not including a photo or using a completely pointless shot of a flower or favorite beastie.

Of course the whole point of social media is to make social friends and interact with like-minded social people in your areas of interest whether it be movies, wine tasting, hiking, yoga or swing dancing. It’s also a great way to find out what’s happening in town…so you can be social.

The bogus reasons we hear for not showing a pic include: “I don’t want to be stalked” or “My picture is none of your business.” But what they really mean is: “I want to check you out before you check me out.”

Now in the field of online dating, none of these lame-o excuses apply, yet folks still insist on posting date-scaring pictures of their infant grandkids, besties, beasties and of course, favorite flowers.

You may even be shocked, shocked we say, to hear that sometimes people post a single shot so misleading that you couldn’t pick them out in a crowd of one on top of a desert mountain.

One dating site,, analyzed over 10,000 images from about 6,800 singles in their database running a wide array of scripts to see which images got the most attention online. They looked at factors like number of clicks, time spent viewing and time lag from viewing to contacting.

As a general rule, people who uploaded four or more photos of themselves received the most messages. (The site didn’t report whether the men just wrote “‘Sup, babe,” which we hear is the preferred greeting for many of the chest-baring, motorcycle-wielding guys.)

Here are the findings.

Ladies: 1) smile; 2) show some cleavage…but not too much; 3) show lifestyle pictures, not bathroom selfies…unless your lifestyle revolves around your bathroom mirror; 4) tilt your head a bit. Note that the cleavage item comes with a warning that while these pics attract more messages, you don’t want to appear, ahem, “over-promising.” Interestingly, “bikini shots are a no-go.”

Men: 1) show confidence and pride; 2) show your fun, playful side that puts your personality and interests out there; 3) include a “happy” pic…but not as your main profile shot; weirdly, a smaller percentage of women in the experiment responded positively to happy images of men; 4) tilt your head.

We’re not sure what this study’s obsession is with head-tilting (they seem to favor the left side with somewhat nebulous neurological nonsense) but the Male Call Photographic Advisory Board™ agrees that it’s generally a more interesting view…especially if your beastie is cocking its head in the background.

Photo credit: Simon_sees via / CC BY

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