Every Tomorrow Has A Yesterday Built Into It


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By Rabbi Robert L. Kravitz –

Memories. Thoughts of the past. Ideas from former actions. Drifting into the ether of yesterdays, composed of memories, recollections.

We build on the past. We formulate today on the basis of yesterday, to make a new tomorrow.

Each chapter of our book follows a previous page. Every tomorrow has a yesterday built into it.

When memories are happy, we smile. Should the memory be angry, we grimace. As memories please us, we may giggle.

Recalling events, people, decisions, classes helps us grow; helps us expand our vision for tomorrow. All that was, is – returning through the lens of memory.

We remember family, friends, classmates, co-workers and each sends a signal to our brain that either makes us happy, sad or angry…or something else. We dream while asleep and day-dream while awake, always coming to a conclusion that is either a plus or a minus. Our lives are two ends of a circuit. Memories help draw them together, and present us with new ideas, new directions.

Every chapter in our book of life prompts glimpses of our past, reflected in our today. As we grow intellectually we sometimes push the memories back…until they burst forth all at once in some unexpected rush!

So we laugh, cry, shiver, smile…reactions to our memories, OUR personal history. What we do, how we do it, where and when it takes place, are all cue cards for memories to come.

The beauty of remembering is that we can luxuriate in the joys and refresh ourselves in that past. When remembrances are not happy ones, we suffer under their weight.

Our challenge is to make this time, our present, our todays, joy-filled and interesting, so remembering will make us smile.


Rabbi Robert L. Kravitz, D.D. is known Valley-wide for his nearly three decades of support for civil and human rights, and the efforts of law enforcement. He regularly lectures on related subjects, while working part-time as Hospital Chaplaincy Coordinator for Jewish Family & Children’s Service. Contact him at rrlkdd@hotmail.com.


Photo credit: Rosmarie Voegtli via Foter.com / CC BY

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