Recognizing Weakness Makes You Stronger

Pastor Paul Witkop

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By Paul Witkop –

If you have ever watched a Presidential debate, you have heard each of the candidates express confidently that their leadership will make United States strong again. In the political arena, showing or admitting weakness makes a person less likely to be elected.

Yet, no one excels at everything. Everyone has weaknesses and areas where they lack expertise. Knowing one’s weakness as well as one’s strengths is an important life principle. History shows us that even the greatest leaders, presidents, kings, generals and CEO’s all had their Achilles’ heels.

In addition, it is easy to conclude that God will only use people who are weakness-free and seem to have it all together. Sometimes we even use this as an excuse for not taking a step in faith or for not choosing to fight an injustice about which we feel strongly. Rick Warren humorously reminds us of the people from the Bible God used in a mighty way. Abraham was on Medicare. Moses had a speech impediment. Joseph was an ex-con. Rahab had a history of sexual misbehavior. Thomas doubted. Gideon panicked. Martha obsessed over housekeeping and food preparation. (That’s Martha in the Bible, not Martha Stewart.) Jonah was directionally challenged. Samson was relationally challenged. Zacchaeus was vertically challenged and integrity challenged.

Even the Apostle Paul, a tremendously effective communicator, asked God many times to take away a weakness that he called his “thorn in the flesh.” Each time God’s response was my grace is sufficient for you, for power is made perfect in weakness. (II Corinthians 12:9) Paul learned that he was really strong when he admitted his weakness and relied on God’s strength.

Today, you might be feeling like you don’t have much to offer or that your weaknesses are making you feel useless. God is not nearly as concerned about your ability as He is your availability.


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